Dallas Builders Association Member Spotlight: Richard Miller Custom Homes

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Richard Miller Custom Homes delivers a contemporary, livable product. (Courtesy Photos)

Richard Miller is a builder that just gets it — at least that’s what the architects that work with him say. The eponymous principal of Richard Miller Custom Homes looks for innovative ways to achieve dramatic modern architecture using the right materials for the job — not just the most expensive ones. It’s a bit of know-how he picked up after decades working for big-name, Fortune 500 homebuilding brands and being one of the 10 NAHB Graduate Master Builders in Dallas.

The more we learn about Miller and the way he serves clients, the more we like him! All the more reason we’re thrilled to have him in our Dallas Builders Association Member Spotlight. 

The team at CandysDirt.com will highlight some of the spectacular members of Dallas Builders Association right here, asking these consummate professionals all about their business as a way to brag on the many quality, trustworthy builders in the North Texas area that can count themselves among their peers in the Dallas Builders Association.

Get to know Richard Miller of Richard Miller Custom Homes after the jump!

Richard Miller

What location or area do you primarily build in? What about the location makes it especially attractive?

We primarily build within the Interstate 635 loop in Dallas. We build there because the bulk of homeowners that appreciate modern architecture live and build in this area.

What’s your go-to architectural style? Traditional? Contemporary? Old World? Modern?

We are exclusively an “architect’s masterpiece modern” homebuilder.

How does your company provide value to your clients?

We provide value to our clients through expert knowledge of how to execute a technical modern build right the first time. Architects love us because we “get it” when it comes to modern and can execute the architect’s vision with minimal oversight. Homeowners love us because we bring them an enjoyable and organized building experience and can suggest areas where budget can be saved while still getting the look they are happy with.

Have you received any recent awards? What for? From whom?

Richard Miller Custom Homes, Inc. has been a D Magazine Best Builder two years in a row. Our “White Rock Modern” project was a tour home on the Parade of Homes last year, and two of our projects featured as “Home of the Week” with the Dallas Builder’s Association.

Considering the competition, how does your brand distinguish itself?

Richard Miller Custom Homes, Inc. is one of only 10 NAHB Graduate Master Builder led homebuilders in Dallas. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by the quality of our homeowner experience, using the latest in building science, and the latest technology to organize all the details.

What does being a member of the Dallas Builders Association do for you and your business?

Being a member of the Dallas Builders Association has been invaluable with their access to education resources, access to other experienced builder peers to turn to with questions, and access to quality trade partners when the need arises.

What is the biggest challenge you face in the current market? What are you doing to overcome it?

The largest challenge we face currently is a skilled labor shortage. At Richard Miller Custom Homes, Inc. we take every opportunity to participate in career fairs and other public events to spread the word that there’s a great career that pays well waiting for you in the skilled trades. We have long-standing relationships with most of our trades, so it’s not impacting us as much as some, but it’s still an important message to spread.


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