Centurion American Buying Timberlawn Hospital, 50 Acres for Development

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I guess the question is, is there anything Mehrdad Moayedi WON’T BUY?  Like he may need a phone ap soon to keep up with everything in his portfolio, from the Crespi Estate Estates, to the Statler, to the Cabana Hotel, to his zero lot line homes I am eyeing along Forest Lane, to, oh yes, Collin Creek Mall and…. well just look at the Centurion American site.

We knew something was up at 4600 Samuell Boulevard  back in mid- December when we contacted the agent, Jessica Tello, and asked what’s up. We heard it was under contract, and that demolition would be involved.

“What,” wrote Bethany, “can you tell me about the pending sale, and the plans for the property?”

Hi Bethany,

Hope you had a nice weekend! Thanks for your message. At this time, the only detail we can provide is that it is under contract.

Thank you,


So yes, then the holidays happened, but Mehrdad Moayedi works ’round the clock, ’round the calendar.  He told Steve Brown he is buying the property to build about 400 single family homes on the 50 acre site of the former psychiatric hospital campus on Samuell Boulevard east of downtown — fantastic news, I’m sure, to the neighbors who were petrified this summer  when some  Dallas City Council members suggested the old hospital would be a great place for the homeless. The hospital was closed last year when state regulators threatened to shut it down. The campus includes nine historic buildings, many more than 80 years old, including the century-old neoclassical white house that was the original hospital: Timberlawn Sanitarium, built in  1917. As you may know, I have stayed in an historical insane asylum turned luxury hotel in Staunton, Virginia. 

Mehrdad plans to call the new development “Tennyson Village”. 

“This is an area where the city would like to see some redevelopment,” Moayedi said. “We want to build a neighborhood of nice homes.

“We think young professionals working downtown will want to live in this neighborhood.”

Moayedi said houses in the project would start at around $250,000.

Fifty acres leaves him plenty of space to develop about eight homes per acre, which should add a hefty amount of change to the city’s tax coffers. Timberlawn is also apparently close to two elementary schools as well as Skyline High School, which should further bolster sales. The last time I looked, the 50 acres were valued at $2.6 million on DCAD. 

And with that amount of density, it appears they won’t keep the original hospital as an amenity center, though that would have been kind of cool, especially come Halloween. The white frame home is on Preservation Dallas’ list of “most endangered historic places.” But like many older homes, it is loaded with problems and only salvation would be to be moved, which would require tenting.

Moayedi said he looked into the idea of reusing the 4,700-square-foot house.

“We thought about trying to preserve it as an amenity center, but its not in good enough shape,” he said. “The structure itself is in bad shape and full of asbestos.

“We don’t want to destroy anything that has any value,” he said. “We’d be happy to let someone come and move it or whatever.”

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  1. Abigail Reynolds says

    Let’s hope he keeps it classy. This area is begging for a makeover and already boasts several gated neighborhoods adjacent to it. It’s close to downtown and Lakewood and gets overshadowed by seedy spots along Samuell. It’s screaming for help in mainstreaming gentrification. Is he the guy to do it?

  2. Casey says

    I think the asbestos claim is bs! I’m sure the other buildings they own have had it too, they just want the space. So sad that this city doesn’t value historic architecture.

  3. mmCandy Evans says

    Well we will find out during tear down if it has asbestos! I think it probably does, but I love this building, too. I am wondering if the Historical Society could perhaps move it to Fair Park?

  4. Abigail Reynolds says

    The reason I don’t think the aspestos Claim
    Is bs is because when the city council inspected the property for a potential homeless shelter they came back with the same conclusions about the buildings. They noted the tremendous cost it would be to make the property up to code. I don’t really think this developer is in cahoots with the city to stage a fake asoestos conspiracy. There’s no point in that.

  5. Mariana Greene says

    Well, it needs to be spelled Tenison Village, for cryin’ out loud. And I hope the old structure is razed. It was a bad place.

  6. Kris Hartz says

    Since when has proximity to Skyline HS been a real estate plus?

    How many shootings have happened within 500m of the HS in the past 12 months?

      • Mikaela Insall says


        What are your thoughts on this area becoming a trinity groves mixed development type of thing? We were told that was the plan but all these articles I am reading say it is just homes that are going to be built on this land? Either way this will bring up the property values of surrounding homes which is great (looking to move into a nearby gated community) but we would love for some nice restaurants and such to start popping up and really gentrify the area. Any word on if this is in the works too?


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