Do It At Home: Dallas Doctor Now Making House Calls for Facial Aesthetics

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The start of the New Year is when most people make resolutions, one of the most common being “this is the year I am going to do something about my wrinkles.”

Meet Dr. Lisa Kotas. She is a board certified physician with more than 18 years of experience. Dr. Kotas saw that her patients increasingly wished they could receive their injectable aesthetics procedures in the comfort of their own homes or offices.

Most physicians might laugh that off, but Dr. Kotas listened to them, and said, “why not?”

“One of the greatest luxuries now is healthcare at your fingertips,” says the Dallas-based physician and founder of Youth Secret: Luxury in Home Aesthetic Services . “My patients love getting their treatments in the comfort, beauty and privacy of their own homes — because your home can be the best wellness center anywhere.” 

It only makes sense to blend the luxury of health into the luxury of your home. In fact, one of the biggest trends we are hearing about in future home and hotel design definitely includes wellness. We have seen it in many homes in Dallas: private massage rooms, spas, even beauty salons.

Some homes are even including a rejuvenation room.

Take this home in San Francisco, going on the market for $28 million, has taken the in-house spa concept to a new high. The home, in San Francisco’s Cow Hollow, is an 8,500 square foot home on five levels built around a complete wellness center. One entire floor is devoted to at-home wellness. That floor consists of a home gym, a massage room and a spa with a glass-walled sauna that leads out onto a spacious deck, which doubles as an outdoor yoga studio.

For medical procedures, the home has also been outfitted with air filtration systems which completely recirculate the air in the house every two to three hours. There are also water filtration systems that ensure the cleanliness of drinking water with a most conservationist bent: the shower and laundry water is repurposed for irrigation.

Why would anyone want a wellness center in their home? Because there is no place like home to have your plastic surgery touch ups.

Lisa Kotas, M.D.

“Going into my doctor’s office, lovely as it is, meant I had to leave with a red face, an ice pack plastered to my lips,” said one patient.” I love Dr. Kotas coming to my home: the atmosphere is so much more relaxed, I felt about half the pain I did at the office. And I didn’t have to go out publicly until I was ready.”

While doctors once made house calls, modern medicine evolved to a more clinical approach where patients came to physicians in clinics for the convenience of the physician. But Dr. Kotas is bringing the house call concept back with her exclusive practice of natural-looking, non-surgical aesthetic treatments done at home.

“Although extremely safe,” says Dr. Kotas, “administration of Botox and fillers is a medical procedure and we completely treat it as such, just in your home.”

Dr. Kotas comes to your home prepared with all the equipment she needs, from a relaxing, comfortable patient chair to drapes, sterile wipes, portable coolers holding the injectable solutions, numbing cream for anesthesia (she has a great one), needles and recovery ice bags. A nurse often accompanies her. She even comes prepared with a relaxing suite of music on her iPhone to help soothe patients.

“When I decided to focus on aesthetics, I spent years researching the procedures and what worked best in every category, from topical treatments to injectables. I am probably one of the most compulsive physicians you will ever meet so I may have over-researched it, but I feel confident I am offering patients the very best treatment possible in a very relaxing setting.”

Why not let your home be your rejuvenation castle?

Filler injections are performed so frequently these days, they are sometimes taken lightly, but they are a medical procedure that can, although rarely, still result in complications.  Because these complications are rare, in reality, few med spas are prepared for them, though they may be located in clinical office settings. 

But as a physician, Dr. Kotas takes them all very seriously and is 100% prepared. Her philosophy is that she must be able to provide every patient with the same high level and quality of medical care in their home, that she would if you were being treated in an office.

Therefore she has a written protocol plan for management of every rare complication related to injectables, including having a retinal specialist on call for help with vision management.  

As with any invasive procedure, complete patient histories are required before each. They are privately emailed to the patients and completed conveniently online. The paper-less paperwork includes an extensive medical history, consents, and pre/post treatment instructions. Dr. Kotas follows up personally with each patient by text or phone the day after, the week after, and two weeks following the procedure.

Concierge medicine is on the rise, coordinating with home builder’s inclusion of wellness and rejuvenation rooms to please consumers and work towards their convenience and comfort.

Speaking of comfort, Dr. Kotas works from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Having the physician and staff come to you, at your home or even your office, helps reduce the need for getting into traffic, the stress of driving, even hiring a babysitter. 

“Our goal at Youth Secret is to care for our patients as thoroughly, carefully, and lovingly as we would if they were in an office or even hospital setting, ” says Dr. Lisa Kotas. “And I have found that treating them in their own home actually helps me treat the patient better. We have more time to talk and we both feel less pressure of hurrying onto the next patient.”

And isn’t that the way all patient/physician interactions should be?

Dr. Kotas offers multiple procedures in the privacy of your home or office. Check them all out at  Youth Secret: Luxury in Home Aesthetic Services 

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