The Best of Tarrant County Tuesday in 2018

[Editor’s note: Merry Christmas! This week, we’re taking time off to focus on our loved ones, so we are sharing some of our favorite stories from this year. Keep an eye out for our top features from the archives as we rest and get ready for a brilliant 2019! Cheers, from Candy and the entire staff at!]

Can you believe it’s almost gone?  Another year in the books and almost 40 Tarrant County Tuesday blogs to digest.

As always, I hope you have enjoyed the journey around various homes, neighborhoods, trends, and happenings from your Bowtie Realtor.  It is my goal not only to educate but to entertain and I love responses – whether positive or negative – because real estate inspires me and I want it to evoke a reaction in you as well.

In 2018 we touched a lot of subjects.  We talked about the buyer’s market that Tarrant County is entering.  We also learned how price per foot is an absurd and invalid way to determine the true value of a home.  We even dipped our toe into public education and how that impacts home values and prices.  Oh, what a year it’s been.

And here are a few winners from 2018 … enjoy.

Best Home to Spend House Arrest

When considering which home featured in Tarrant County Tuesday 2018 that I’d live in if I were under strict house arrest, the criteria was quite complex.

A large home is always a plus as you want a home with many different rooms so you don’t get too bored.  You also want a multi-functional home – one with a pool, land, and maybe a media room.

203 Links Court in Aledo would be the perfect home if under house arrest

After much deliberation, I chose 203 Links Court in Aledo, Texas.  The home of five bedrooms is around 4,500-square-feet, so not too big, but the spaces were large and I loved the interior courtyard with pool and outdoor living.

The home was removed from the market shortly after the blog, but keep it in mind should you ever need a place to comfortably live without leaving.

I love the interior courtyard surrounding a refreshing pool and the outdoor bar is a nice touch at 203 Links Court

Best Wine Room

The glass encased wine room of 1105 Knoll Crest in Mansfield

With wine rooms, it’s not always about the biggest or the one that looks like a wine cave.  1105 Knoll Crest in Mansfield, Texas, has a really cool wine room with bottles hanging on the wall and has two full glass walls that make the room very eye catching.

1105 Knoll Crest is still on the market at $1,360,000 … call me if you want a tour!

Most Unusual Use of Space

4013 Clayton Road with a 20 ft. tall atrium in the middle of the home

Imagine my surprise when I walked into the Midcentury Modern home in the Ridglea neighborhood of Fort Worth at 4013 Clayton Road.

The home was well updated and true to the time period, but also had a huge, full-sized atrium inside the home!

After 53 days on the market, this home sold for 96 percent of the asking price.

Agent Not to Tangle With

Talia Lydick … badass

If you know Fort Worth realtors then you probably know Talia Lydick of Williams Trew Real Estate.  An agent with a heart of gold and a constant smile on her face…unless she’s riding a horse and then she’s a Bad Mamba Jamba!

Talia actually had two Tarrant County Tuesday blogs written about her listings in 2018.  The first was in January with 6150 Bennett Lawson Road – home and 50-stall horse barn, pasture, and all the fixings.  The other Talia listing blog was regarding the eclectic former home of Fort Worth artists Stuart and Scott Gentling at 4928 Bryce Avenue.

Love ya Talia … but when you’re on a horse you are not to be messed with!

The BowTie Realtor’s Favorite Home

It should come as no surprise that 224 Clementine Court receives the award for my favorite home of Tarrant County Tuesday in 2018.  Heck, I told you it was my favorite when I wrote the blog back in July.

You knew 224 Clementine Court would make the Best Of list for Tarrant County Tuesday

When featured the home was listed at $1,350,000 and has since been reduced to $1,299,000 … what a deal!

I just love the overall aura of this home.  It’s well built, well designed and well located in Rivercrest Bluffs.  It has wonderful finishes, a great view of the Trinity River and has not one but TWO putting greens as part of the home.

What’s not to love about a home with an indoor putting green AND an outdoor one as well

Prettiest Person of Tarrant County Tuesday 2018

This was a no-brainer.  In October I featured the up-and-coming business, Sort + Space which is a professional organizing company run by the beautiful and talented Melanie Fowler.

Pretty and talented … Melanie Fowler has it all (and a great husband)!

Melanie is a go-getter with a tremendous talent for taking people’s mess and making it a place of tranquility.  She can transform closets, rooms, pantries … she can arrange like no one else!  What a wonderful Christmas gift to give to that person who has everything but can’t find their items because of the mess they create.

Post-Christmas is the PERFECT time to utilize Sort + Space and all their talents.  For a free consultation, call Melanie Fowler (wife of Seth Fowler) at 817.980.4215

Well, that’s all from Tarrant County for 2018 Dirty Readers.  Thanks for reading and following and sharing!  As always, if you have questions, comments or great ideas for a blog … hit me up!

Seth Fowler is a licensed Real Estate Sales Professional for Williams Trew Real Estate in Fort Worth, TX.  Statements and opinions are his and his alone.  Seth has been involved with the home sales and real estate industry in the Fort Worth area since 2004.  He and his family have lived in the area for over 15  years.  Seth also loves bowties!  You can reach Seth at: 817.980.6636 or  If you are looking for a Real Estate Sherpa to help you buy or sell … give Seth a call!