Williams Trew Launches New Marketing Campaign

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Fort Worth based Williams Trew recently launched a new brand identity and marketing campaign in hopes of standing out in the competitive luxury market.

“A lot of changes have occurred over the past several years and we felt like this was a great opportunity for us to kind of re-tell our story and maybe update our brand look,” marketing manager Nick Bendian said.

The new company tagline is “imagine life.” While the Williams Trew logo remains unchanged, the company plans to deemphasize house pictures, instead opting to highlight people.  Bendian said that the company’s goal was to focus more on the experience of having a home, with slogans like “envisioning memories” and “where happiness finds a home.”

Fort Worth’s Ardent Creative advertising agency was brought in to help develop the new campaign. Among the changes they initiated were a revamped color palette and updated design aesthetics.

“It just feels like there is kind of a sea of sameness right now. Everyone is kind of touting numbers like properties sold or millions of dollars in business,” Bendian said. “For the general consumer those numbers get kind of lost and kind of become meaningless.”

The goal of the new initiative is to try and better reach clients on an emotional level. Just over 100 agents works for the company. Bendian got input from many of them before proceeding with the campaign.

“We are really challenging our Realtors to have the ideal outlook always in mind with their clients,” Bendian said. “We need to always be three steps ahead.”

Williams Trew is a Fort Worth grown real estate firm that was snapped up by Ebby Halliday in 2014. As a member of the Ebby Halliday Companies, they are now owned by Berkshire Hathaway’s HomeServices of America. The brokerage has two Fort Worth offices as well as a third office in Aledo that serves Parker County, and a small contingency of agents that focus on the Possum Kingdom Lake area.


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