Champions School of Real Estate Celebrates 35 Years of Success

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Rita Santamaria, founder of Champtions School of Real Estate, celebrates 35 years of success this December.

The typical gift for a 35th anniversary is jade, but Champions School of Real Estate founder Rita Santamaria is getting two brand new campues for the company she created in December of 1983. Though the journey from a single-classroom office off of Pebblebend Drive to the nine-campus network of today wasn’t always smooth, it’s definitely something to celebrate.

Champions School of Real Estate had humble beginnings with a single-classroom office.

Thousands of students have begun or continued their real estate careers after walking through the doors of a Champions School of Real Estate campus, and the growth of the company has been calculated and strategic, lending the kind of longevity that other brands dream of.

As a young real estate agent with an education background, Santamaria was uniquely positioned to succeed. She has the kind of experience and passion for teaching adults that kept her motivated and hungry, combined with an unbeatable entrepreneurial spirit that has helped lift anemic industry standards for real estate courses and materials.

Santamaria opened Champions School of Real Estate in 1983 to bring the “total education experience” to new licensees, which included current information on what is happening in the real estate industry, qualified instructors with a passion for teaching, and a welcoming learning environment that says, Thank you for choosing our school.

Rita Santamaria and Kim Dydalewicz

Under the direction of Santamaria, who is joined in leadership by her right hand, her daughter and president of the company Kimberly Dydalewicz, Champions School of Real Estate has grown to encompass nine campuses throughout Texas, with seven state-of-the-art ChampionsLive! Studios, independent curriculum development and online divisions, along with over 100 full-time or contract employees and instructors.

Champions School of Real Estate has been recognized nationally as an industry disruptor for the provision of cutting-edge technology courses covering subjects like artificial intelligence and live broadcast courses that connect students coast to coast.

With 35 years in the business, Champions School of Real Estate has grown to nine campuses, with two new ones in the works in Austin and Houston.

Champions School of Real Estate has also built a strong reputation for customer service, high retention rates, and for being one of the best companies to work for in Texas. Currently, the team has the future in sight with campuses under construction in Austin and Houston, more programs being offered in multiple states, and exciting courses that go beyond the classroom to supplement every student’s real estate expertise.

The Champions School of Real Estate students know and love today is the fulfillment of a dream. Santamaria, together with her statewide team of real estate education professionals, have a bright future ahead with plenty to celebrate. Happy 35th anniversary, Champions!

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