Best of WTF: Marg Just Wants to Find a Renter

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These are all the people who couldn’t rent Marg’s room.

Editor’s Note: Bethany is also our political reporter, and as you can probably guess, she was up very late last night. In fact, we’re not sure if she is still awake covering the election, or if she passed out at the keyboard. But because she is busy, we’re re-running one of her favorite Wednesday WTF columns. Enjoy.

Social media is a wonderful thing unless it’s a terrible thing. But for Marg, who lives in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, it got a little sideways when she tried to rent out a room using a Facebook group. So sideways, in fact, that it ended up in my inbox, as the perfect Wednesday WTF.

See, Marg has a few requirements for a tenant. I’ll let her explain.

Now, the WTF does indeed quibble about this, because uh, how do you think we write this every week?

So right away, Mary has questions. And Marg has NO TIME for Mary’s questions.

Now, I don’t know Marg, but it seems like this lady has some definite ideas, but is also some kind of sage.

“Don’t like the rules, buy a tent.”

Now, Jarren has some thoughts, but Marg is not putting up with his ish, either. And she has some sage-like advice for him, too.

“Crayon activities are good!”

In fact, she really thinks Jarren should take up coloring.

But even better, did you notice how she’s fleshed out her position on drinking? “I find that drinkers fall down a lot and lose their jobs, so they need tents. It’s safer for them,” she says.

She reiterates this point when Michelle asks if off-site drinking is OK.

And a little more here.

Now, Katie has found value in what Marg is saying, if nothing else because it gives her a new comeback for any argument.

And Tyler is a forward thinker who has come up with a way to make Marg and any person who wishes to partake of the demon drink.

But then everyone tries to summarize what just went down.

So in conclusion, Marg has a nice room in Egg Harbor you can rent and if you don’t like it take your crayons and head for a tent. There’s no call for the giggle juice in Marg’s nice sleeping room.


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