EBTH Makes Dallas Design District Debut

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EBTH Dallas general manager Natalie Childers Hacker sat down with CandysDirt.com executive editor Joanna England for a live chat at their grand opening Oct. 30. (Courtesy Photo)

The idea behind EBTH, which stands for Everything But The House, is pretty straightforward. As you downsize, you’re often left with scores of new belongings that won’t fit in your new digs. The traditional estate sale model can be laborious, even with full-service sales that take over your home for a day or two. And what do you do with all of the stuff that doesn’t sell, or with hard-to-price collectibles? That’s where EBTH comes in.

For a business that deals in a high volume of very unique items, EBTH runs a very tight ship. As general manager Natalie Childers Hacker explained to me, everything is handled — from the initial walk-through, to pick up and delivery of auction items, to donations, to hauling away junk — by EBTH’s relationship managers. These bright and brave representatives of EBTH hold the client’s hand through the entire ordeal, making it very painless to divest of your collectibles, furnishings, and art. 

There’s a lot more to it on their end, though. During the Dallas Design District debut of the new EBTH digs at 166 Howell Street, Hacker and PR director Brittany Sykes walked attendees through the store room where treasures up for auction are staged, photographed, and stored. I’ve been in a few warehouses in my day, but the back room of EBTH is organized and neat despite the gobs of items they were preparing for bidders. The mix of antiques, furnishings, art, and decor is incredible. I loved looking through all of the china and collectibles!

CandysDirt.com executive editor Joanna England tours the back room at EBTH’s Dallas digs with PaperCity Magazine’s home design editor Rebecca Sherman and EBTH PR director Brittany Sykes.
You can watch a live feed of current auction items from the lobby at EBTH while you wait to pick up your treasures.
Dallas is gong to get a lot of use out of the funky vintage couch in the EBTH lobby now that the online auction house has moved to the Dallas Design District.

As Hacker described it during our live video, EBTH’s staff picks the auction items with highest likelihood of selling for approximately $150 for their online merchandise. These items are then assessed, photographed, and packaged in the warehouse. EBTH does local pickup as well as shipping. Honestly, it’s the best of estate sales and online auctioneering in a painless one-stop-shop.

Julia Palmer, Jan Langbein, and Lottie Price of Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support with Mary Porter of Red Diamond Home Loans and Susan Gilchrest of Ebby Halliday Realtors
Jeff Boyd, Lisa McGuire of EBTH, and Tonny Sethi

With the holidays coming up, and with so many Dallas estates hitting the market, we have a feeling that the blue couch in the lobby of EBTH is about to see a lot of action! In fact, the auction items that Childers mentioned to me at the grand opening did incredibly well! Find out more about Hacker and her team in this broadcast we featured on the CandysDirt.com Facebook page:


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