Valet Maids Founder Dawna Boone: ‘You Deserve Some Help’

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Dawna Boone launched to make booking cleaning services easy, safe and reliable. Scroll for a special code that’ll save you 20 percent on your first cleaning.

For as easy as apps like NextDoor and Angie’s List make it to get names and numbers of local cleaning services, there are still too many to choose from and there’s no guarantee about the quality of service, or worse yet, who is showing up at your door. Dawna Boone launched locally-founded Valet Maids like many other entrepreneurs do — by creating a solution to an existing problem. In Boone’s case, she found it difficult to find a reliable cleaning service that made getting an accurate price quote and scheduling appointments online easy.

“While moving around during my career, I’d always have a hard time finding a good cleaning service,” Boone says. “I worked in public accounting, which requires long hours. I didn’t want to spend my limited free time cleaning.”

Knowing the needs of busy professionals, Boone applied her business acumen to entrepreneurship to launch Valet Maids this year.

“I think there is a perception that to be a real entrepreneur means that you need to invent the next Facebook, when that is not the case at all,” Boone says. “Entrepreneurship is finding a way to solve a problem in the marketplace.” is a user friendly website that makes booking a cleaning super easy. Plus, Boone is working on a Valet Maids app for the Apple App Store to make scheduling even easier.

Go online to get a quote based on number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and how often you’d like to book services — from one-time cleaning to weekly service. Services start at $80 per clean.

In addition, you can book a morning or afternoon appointment, or choose a specific time that meets your needs, even on short notice. Book as soon as 24 hours from your desired cleaning time. You can pay securely online after the cleaning is complete, so no cash needed.

Valet Maids
You really can book a cleaning service with in 60 seconds. We tested it.

Boone personally screens her cleaning agents carefully, requiring a thorough background check, live interview, and cleaning test to ensure you get a quality cleaning every time. That’s important to note because some service apps don’t thoroughly screen their cleaners.

As a special for readers, receive 20 percent off your first cleaning with the code CANDY20. Book online at, call 214-438-4804, or email

Plus, Valet Maids offers a generous referral program. Real estate agents can earn an hour of cleaning service for referring others to Valet Maids. To join the referral program, email

“Everyone wants to have a clean home, but not everyone has the time to devote to cleaning themselves,” Boone says. “When time is limited, it does not make sense to spend several hours per week scrubbing toilets and sinks. That time can be better spent with family and friends or enjoying a break. You deserve some help.”


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