Opendoor’s New TV Commercial Poking Fun at the Home Sale Process

And it’s really, really hysterical. Like the voyeuristic lady who rummages through the owner’s closet, touching her dresses. Eww.

Yeah, we know Opendoor is the disruptor direct home buyer who everyone’s talking about and shuddering. And this is NOT DOOR, the Dallas discount brokerage. Opendoor employs Realtors, partners with Realtors, and is one of the largest payers of Realtor’s commissions in the DFW Metroplex this year. And the price range they sell homes from is in $100,000 to $500,000 range so actually, agents are starting to love them a whole lot. 

“Agents are finding that they know exactly what to expect when they work with Opendoor, and we are extremely transparent, ” says Cristin Culver, Head of Local Communications for Opendoor. “Savvy agents use Opendoor as another tool in their toolbox to build their book of business.”

Dallas agents are incredible, says Cristin, and Opendoor is quickly establishing official relationships to partner with more North Texas agents. Maybe this ad will help?



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