This Mockingbird Park Midcentury Modern is All That and More

Our Inwood Home of the Week at 3837 Fairfax Avenue is a Mockingbird Park midcentury modern. When I say it’s all that and more, you know it’s special, because I don’t say that a lot. We all know I’m picky. But, when I saw this online, it was one of those moments when I looked at the lead photo and thought, “Hmmm … there is something here, it’s very understated but look at those windows, I better open this up.”

And Boom! I was absolutely floored. You simply do not see homes like this come along very often.
Midcentury modern is one of the most significant design movements the world has seen. Graphics, products, and of course architecture saw the touch of midcentury style. The design was embraced in America as a fresh, modern approach to architecture in the post-war years. Form and function played equal roles, and it was the first time we saw the emphasis on open floor plans and floor-to-ceiling windows that blend the interior spaces with the exterior of the home.

Far too many people say a house is midcentury modern when it is absolutely not. Midcentury is just that, the middle of the 20th century. Seriously, just count. If the century begins in 1900 and goes to 2000 the middle is 1950. This house was built in 1954 so, no question about the heritage.

Mockingbird Park Midcentury Modern

Architect Robert Johnson Perry built the stunning Mockingbird Park midcentury modern as his personal residence. Remember our refrain: Buy a home built by an architect or a builder for their own families and you will never regret it.

Perry was one of a handful of architects responsible for contemporary homes in the Park Cities. One of his most noted designs is Touchstone House at 3911 Shenandoah Street.Mockingbird Park Midcentury Modern

Mockingbird Park Midcentury Modern

This Mockingbird Park midcentury modern was updated in 2009 by people that knew what was important — in other words, Realtors! They kept all the original architecture, the exposed brick walls, and the skylights. You enter the home through a lush courtyard. The central feature of the living room, which overlooks the gardens and pool, is an enormous fireplace.

“The fireplace anchors the house,” Ebby Halliday listing agent Dennis Hammett said. “Everything flows from that fireplace, and you have views in every direction.Mockingbird Park Midcentury Modern

Mockingbird Park Midcentury Modern

The tile was treated with an application that makes it look like leather.

Mockingbird Park Midcentury Modern

The breakfast area overlooks the enclosed front courtyard.

The present owners brought their own design sensibility to this Mockingbird Park midcentury modern home, touching every surface with just the right degree of style and sensibility.

“They added designer appointments, new appliances and updated the kitchen,” Hammett said. “I’m so glad they kept the galley layout because that defines a midcentury kitchen.”

The other thing that defines a midcentury home is livability. The layout of these houses is perfect for family, friends, and entertaining.

Synthetic variegated boxwoods were placed just outside the master bath window.

“It’s such a relaxing home,” Hammett said. “It’s private. You have no views of other houses in any part of the house. There is such vast outdoor space in the front and back, that you feel like you have double the living space and the views, day or night, are amazing.”

The Mockingbird Park midcentury modern has 2,667 square feet, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one powder bath, and a full guest quarters over the garage. By full, I mean there’s even a fireplace!

You may not be familiar with the Mockingbird Park neighborhood. It’s erroneously been referred to as Oak Lawn and West Highland Park, but it’s neither. It’s a lovely little neighborhood nestled just south of Inwood Road and East of Mockingbird Lane. You can be at Love Field, The Dallas Arts District, or The Dallas Country Club in minutes. In other words, it’s beautifully located.

This incomparable Mockingbird Park midcentury modern is available for $1.175 million. I’ll be surprised if it lasts past the weekend without multiple offers.

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