Key Residential Matches Aesthetic With Practical With Custom Pool House Remodel

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When homeowners bought a remodeled home, it came with an old pool house that definitely hadn’t seen any modern updates in quite a while. That’s where Key Residential, a Approved Builder, came in and worked some magic. They tore down what was there and started from scratch to create a backyard haven that is so versatile it can host a party for 50, a dinner for two, or an afternoon pool party for a rambunctious group of kids. When you’re building an outdoor space that has a full working kitchen, a pool, outdoor fireplace, and space for a huge television then practical considerations become just as important as the aesthetics. 

The centerpiece is the kitchen and the goal was to make it as self-sufficient as possible. It has both a Big Green Egg grill and a Coyote double side burner. The hood vent is longer than usual to accommodate all the smoke that billows up when both cooktops are in full operation. Key Residential didn’t stop there with the practical considerations. They even lined the custom-designed cabinets with weatherstripping so that dust and dirt wouldn’t sneak inside. The appliances are exactly what you would find in a regular kitchen, with full size fridge/freezer, dishwasher, and apron sink, so the owners don’t have to cart dirty dishes back to the main house to clean them.

Here’s a closer view of the kitchen. We love how the tiled backsplash is a striated green pattern that harkens a grassy feel matching the outdoor vibe:

Here’s a close-up of the cabinet’s interior so you can see how detailed this design was.

Another practical consideration was to create a variety of seating options. There’s room for about four or five stools around the kitchen island, the floor plan has room for a full-size dining table, and to the right of the kitchen is a lounge area with couches and an outdoor fire to gather around. This picture of the bar seating area also shows the two entrance doors to the secure storage area with coded key pad to keep everything safe and a separate full-sized bathroom so swimmers can rinse off before going back to the main house. 

Yet another example of matching practical with pretty is the low wall that stretches from the fire pit all along the pool so there are even more places for people to sit. 


Just so you get the full idea of how impressive this build is we have two “before” pictures for comparison.



See the final result. A fully functional outdoor space that meets the needs of any size gathering.

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