On SecondShelters: Historic Mansion Owned by Charleston Elite, Then Diocese Up for Sale

With a substantial main house, a carriage house, and a great location in the middle of downtown Charleston, South Carolina, the Morton Waring House is going to give some enterprising individual a great potential home — or even perhaps a bed and breakfast-type situation.

The Morton Waring House has an impressive pedigree. Built in 1803 for local factor Morton Waring, the original home was three-and-a-half stories. Waring sold the property to Mordecai Cohen, the second-wealthiest man in South Carolina, in 1811. Cohen sold the home in 1844, and eventually it made its way to the Smith and Heyward families, who added a marble veneer. In 1961, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston bought the home to use as office space, adding an elevator (which is currently non-operational) and updated HVAC, fire, and electrical systems.

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