Will North Texas’ Weather Extremes Harm Our Pools & Landscaping?

It’s 76 degrees today, maybe warmer, in February. We went in the pool, which was overflowing from all the rain last week (and yesterday). Monsoon rains then sunshine then fog. 

Two weeks ago, I was bundled in my mink, my fur-lined gloves are still in my car. When my mother died fifteen years ago, the region was locked down in an ice storm for a week.

If my hardwood floors and body are feeling like they’re being pulled between extremes, imagine what our YARDS are feeling about our weird, extreme weather patterns.

We have made a 50-degree temperature about face in a matter of hours how many times now?

We go to our trusted experts at Harold Leidner Landscape Architects to ask: does this Ying-Yang extreme weather have the potential to kill our landscaping?

CD: Are plants confused when the weather pulls this great switcheroo of extreme temperatues? And then dumps on the rain?

HL: In general plants love consistency.  Extreme temperature swings in short periods of time can cause problems but there are preventative measures you can take.

CD: Are any plants better than others for this type of weather?

HL:  Absolutely.  In the winter I’ll take a Pine over a Palm any day of the week!

CD: I know what my hardwood floors are doing, shifting! What does this extreme weather to swimming pools, if anything?

HL:  Since we are a design build firm we have the ability to maintain strict quality control.  We build to our specifications which exceed the marketplace standard.  For pools, thicker gunnite beams, larger rebar, and piers if necessary all help mitigate movement.  

CD: I sure would not build a skinny pool now. Are there any plant protection tips you can offer readers?

HL:  Use cold hardy plants where possible.  If you must use sensitive plants, use sparingly and always have extra freeze cloth on hand to cover when the weather comes through.  This will insulate the plant much like a green house, but make sure the cloth is secured.  If wind can get in, you may have lost the battle.

CD: How important is watering with extreme weather? When the sky is not pouring water, of course.

HL: EXTREMELY.  Adequate soil moisture is critical any time of year but especially winter.  Dry root balls + hard freezes = Failure.

CD: Are there any must-do’s readers must have in order to help their landscape escape the damage yin-yan extreme weather can bring?   

HL: Have your irrigation system checked regularly,  at least once a month, to make sure everything is working properly. That water is crucial.