Zero in on the Best Halloween ‘Hoods with Zillow’s Trick-or-Treat Index

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What are the best Dallas-area neighborhoods for trick or treating? Find out from Zillow. (Photo: Stephen Depolo via Flickr)

What a treat! Zillow released its annual Trick or Treat Index, and this year, Dallas haunts the chart at No. 11. The index narrows down the best cities to score candy based on single-home density, average home values, and number of children under 10. In summary: More candy for less walking.

After the jump, check out  Zillow’s list of top spots and a few other local haunts. Plus, brush up on some Halloweeen safety tips to keep the night freakishly fun. Got any favorite trick-or-treating spots? Hit us up in the comments with the best neighborhoods for those full-size candy bars.

According to Zillow, Bluffview, Northeast Dallas, North Dallas, the M Streets, and Oak Lawn make for the best Halloween haul. If you take your trick-or-treaters to one of the neighborhoods, you’re certain to get the best bang for your “Boo!”

Three Other D/FW Halloween Hotspots to Check Out

In addition to Zillow’s recommendations, Dallas’ Swiss Avenue reigns as a top trick-or-treat spot. For years, ghosts and goblins of all ages have flocked to this historic neighborhood to participate in some truly unique Halloween hospitality. Plus, we hear the candy is top-notch.

If you’re looking for something outside of the door-to-door Halloween experience, McKinney’s Scare on the Square is always frighteningly popular. Hosted by the shops in historic downtown McKinney, the event is free to the public and boasts costume contest, loads of candy, and a safe family environment.

And for the grown up crowd, join in the spooky spectacle of Oak Lawn’s Halloween Block Party. Bring your glitter and leave your body issues at home for this Saturday-before-Halloween fete.  With live music, food, and drink, it’s a feast for every sense.

Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

And as always, stay safe. Courtesy of the American Red Cross, here are some important safety tips to go over with your young ghouls. And psst! Homeowners, make sure your walks are clear of those pesky acorns. A quick sweeping could be just the trick!

  1. Plan the trick-or-treat route – make sure adults know where children are going. A parent or responsible adult should accompany young children as they make their way around the neighborhood.
  2. Make sure trick-or-treaters can see, and be seen. Give them a flashlight to light their way. Add reflective tape to costumes and Trick-or-Treat bags. Have everyone wear light-colored clothing to be seen.
  3. Instead of masks, which can cover the eyes and make it hard to see, use face paint instead.
  4. Be cautious around animals, especially dogs.
  5. Visit only the homes that have a porch light on. Accept treats at the door – never go inside.
  6. Walk only on the sidewalks, not in the street. If no sidewalk is available, walk at the edge of the roadway, facing traffic. Look both ways before crossing the street, and cross only at the corner. Don’t cut across yards or use alleys. Don’t cross between parked cars
  7. Make sure a grown-up checks the goodies before eating. Remove loose candy, open packages and choking hazards. Discard any items with brand names that you are not familiar with.
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