To No Surprise, Frisco, McKinney, and Allen Top National Real Estate Markets Again

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Even as the fall semester starts and temperatures begin to drop, North Texas real estate continues its record-setting hot streak. Out of the 300 cities studied in WalletHub’s recent report of 2017’s Best Real-Estate Markets, three local markets reigned supreme. From home appreciation, to sales turnover, to job growth, Frisco, McKinney, and Allen top the charts for the very best places to make your real estate investment. In fact, with Richardson sneaking in at No. 5, and Carrollton snagging the No. 8 spot, five of the top 10 best markets in the country are all within a handful of miles.

For long-term growth, equity, and profit, there’s no need to look beyond our own backyard!

The study evaluated two key dimensions, including “Real-Estate Market” and “Affordability & Economic Environment” using 21 separate metrics. You can hop on over to WalletHub’s study to get a better idea of those metrics and their specific methodology.  The outcome puts Frisco on top of the heap for the entire country. Frisco and Allen, the country’s third-hottest market, also have some of the lowest home maintenance costs as a percent of income for the country. Not half bad.

Ebby Halliday’s Cathy Browne

Ebby Halliday Realtor Cathy Browne has been selling homes in Allen for over a dozen years. She says she’s not at all surprised to see Allen score so well on a national study. The same attributes that attracted her to Allen 12 year ago are still bringing families in droves – with no sign of stopping.

“In Allen, we sell houses all year round. I’ve sold them at Christmas time, with the Christmas lights on in the listing pictures,” she said. “It’s one of those places where we’re so lucky because really our market has just never been bad. And the last several years have been really strong.”

And despite all that growth, Allen has somehow managed to retain its small-town charm.

“One of the things about Allen is that the city planners have done a great job of keeping the small-town feel,” Browne said. “Buyers feel like it has a neighborhood atmosphere, that it’s more of a community. You see a lot of families moving around within Allen, even when their needs change. They stay because they love it.”

And the intangibles are really just the beginning, according to Browne. “It’s centrally located. The homes are beautiful.  I think the high quality schools definitely bring people. Most often, though, I hear from buyers that they can get a lot for their money. It’s a great place to invest. If you buy in Allen, the chances of being able to sell it are so good.”

“I’m so lucky,” she continued. “Allen has been a great place to live, and work. It’s comfortable here.”


Heather Hunter

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    As a licensed agent, I wouldn’t give any stock to rankings that include data of any kind from Zillow. Never, no how, no way.

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