On MidlandDirt.com: Wednesday WTF is a Stager’s Nightmare

Wednesday WTFIt’s Wednesday, so it must be time for this week’s Wednesday WTF on MidlandDirt.com. This week, we show you an Atlanta listing that will probably give stagers the fantods, and make the rest of us scratch our heads.

Was it hobos or the rapture? Weigh in here.

One Comment

  • Two words: LAZY REALTOR! Hey, real estate agent, you are soooooo bad at your job. Here’s what a person with half a brain would do: snap these crummy pictures, then stop being so lazy and move the junk OUT of the picture. Take a nice picture for the listing (uh, the one the agent is being paid THOUSANDS of dollars to sell), then look at the ugly/junky before pictures and toss all the junk back where it was. It would take even a LAZY agent about an hour or two tops to do that. BAM, problem solved. Some real estate agents are so dumb.