New Online Tool Takes the Headache Out of Home Inspection Repairs

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Repair Pricer

We’re excited today to announce the launch of a new service for home buyers we feel has been seriously lacking in the marketplace for years. In fact, we would go so far as to say there has been a dire need for a solution to this problem since home inspection reports became widely used. We’re just happy someone finally came up with an answer!

So what are we talking about? When buying a new home, a home inspection report gives people invaluable information about the house or condo that they are considering purchasing. It can create leverage to get homeowners to fix certain problems and even lower the sales price.

But in cases where there are issues that need addressing, it’s normally not a good idea to have the home seller
complete repairs themselves as this can delay closing and also may require extra inspections. The best practice
is to make sure any repairs are done correctly under your supervision after closing, which means you need to
know exactly what those repairs will cost, so you can have the seller credit you that dollar amount.

This seems simple, until you realize you’ve now got to schedule multiple repair services to visit the property — hopefully all at the same time — and then wait for them to get you a bid back all before your option period expires. And sometimes even that isn’t possible; electricians for instance simply won’t come out without you paying a service fee. So all this ends up costing you, your agent and the seller considerable time and money, and there’s no definite answer at the end of it all.

Wouldn’t it just be easier if you could give your inspection report to someone and they could tell you with incredible accuracy what each item would cost to repair?


This new online service aims to make it easier for everyone during the option period by taking any inspection report, running it through their proprietary pricing tool, and also having local contractors actually review every report for accuracy to give you an exact cost for each repair item on your report. Their service has been found to be 98 percent accurate when it comes to true repair cost, and this is the reason they are now accepted as the industry standard and are widely used by some of the largest and most successful inspection companies across the country.

“Our extensive database took a year and a half to create and we’re the only folks that can do this,” said Robert Tye, operations manager for Repair Pricer. “After receiving one of our reports, for the first time our clients are truly aware of what a house is really going to cost them. And if there are any serious issues with large ticket items like roofing or foundations, we even offer free onsite inspections. We are essentially trying to bring further transparency to the home buying process.”

Tye is offering readers a promo code for $10 off any Repair Pricer service – keep reading to get it! 

Reprair Pricer

Repair Pricer grew organically from a clever system being used by an inspector, Realtor, and their contractor. With inspection report in hand, the Realtor would give it to the contractor to price out needed repairs. Those estimates were useful in negotiating for his clients during the option period — he could ask for repairs and even a reduction in asking price, based on the estimates.

This system became so popular that other agents in the Realtor’s office wanted in. So popular, in fact, that the contractor no longer had time to do all the reports and hired a team to build the database.

“This is the new way of doing things when buying or selling a home,” Tye said. “We’re saving Realtors and homebuyers a lot of time and headaches during their option period.”

Because timing is critical during the option period, Repair Pricer guarantees to have every pricing report completed within 24 hours of receiving the inspection report. Need it sooner? They offer rush report services, too.

Privacy matters to the company, and inspection reports are kept confidential.

“The only people who ever see your inspection report after you upload it to our website are our pricing experts,” Tye said. “We never share your inspection report and we wipe any digital copies from our servers after we have sent you the pricing report.”

Pricing reports arrive in your inbox as a small-file PDF that you can open on any device and share with others. The total cost is $59.99.

Find out more about this exciting new service by visiting or calling 972-836-7646. Use the promo code DIRT to receive $10 off your purchase!


Candy Evans

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