High Caliber Agent: Nora Ling Lane Walks The Talk


Perhaps it’s time to get back to the basics. At the heart of the real estate industry, it’s the people that matter. Yes, the homes are vital, too, but buying real estate is complicated and sometimes frustrating, and having a solid relationship with the people behind the transaction is everything.

Nora Ling Lane, a Executive Vice President of Allie Beth Allman & Associates, knows this. It was ingrained upon her by her mother, who was also a consummate professional. So it’s obvious why we’ve chosen Lane as our High Caliber Agent, sponsored by Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans.

Learn more about what drives and inspires Lane:

Real estate is a very competitive business. To what or whom do you owe your success?

Nora Ling Lane: I credit any success to the grace of God first and foremost! Secondly, other than knowledge of the market, up to date technology, and marketing skills. Relationships are the key to my success. After 35 years, I value and respect other Realtors, my clients, and my vendor partners. I’m also hands-on in every aspect of my transactions, and with no assistant. My clients are too important to delegate to anyone else. When they call, they get me — that’s so important to them!

Outside of day-to-day business, what are you passionate about?

Lane: I really don’t have any outside interests. I work seven days a week and when I have spare time I spend it with my six grandkids from 1 to 10 years old. When I sneak a day off to recharge, you can find me at my lakehouse at Cedar Creek. It’s just an hour away, so I can go down after a full work day and enjoy a sunset dinner! I’m passionate about my work!

What (or who) is your inspiration?

Lane: My mother, Jennie Ling. She is an icon in the real estate industry who taught me an invaluable work ethic that you seldom see in today’s workplace. She taught me your word is your bond and character and integrity are the most important qualities one can possess. She taught me the client always comes first and to be a “deal maker, not a deal breaker.”

Why is finding the right lender crucial to your success?

Lane: Because I can turn my clients over to them and not think about their loan until closing … that’s why I love Lisa Peters at Caliber Home Loans! She is thorough and gets the job done. She has never failed me!

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  • mm

    Nora Lane was our Realtor eons ago when we were house hunting in Preston vs University Park. My son was 6 or 7. She is a consummate professional, a lady, and amazing woman! So honored to have her grace the pages of CandysDirt at long last!