Family Ties: Talented Robbins Group Makes a Formidable Team

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Pam and Norm Robbins with daughter Ashley Robbins Gonzales
Pam and Norm Robbins, with daughter Ashley Robbins Gonzales

Pam Robbins was the first Realtor in the family, beginning her career 32 years ago. Ashley Robbins Gonzales, her daughter, was 10 at the time. After Ashley married in 2000, she decided to give real estate a try, too. As luck would have it, their talents made them a formidable team. With Pam as the people person and Ashley as the tech whiz, they discovered soon how much of a good match they are.

But there was a piece of the puzzle missing. After a long career at the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce and later in community relations at Lockheed Martin, Norm Robbins, Pam’s husband and Ashley’s dad, had the vast network that would make this family affair take off.

Together they are now The Robbins Group, part of the Williams Trew Realty in Fort Worth.  While there are many husband and wife teams, as well as mother and daughter teams, a family real estate team is unusual. Especially since with them, engaging one of the Robbins Group engages them all.

“We all know each other’s clients. There really is a synergy,” says Pam. No matter who brings in the client, the team wants each client to meet the family. “One thing we’ve started doing is making effort for a client to know all three of us. It’s a great advantage to have three for the price of one,” says Ashley.

203 Rodeo is on 9.4 acres and is 4 minutes from downtown Fort Worth in the north Aledo area. Unbelievable views on a hilltop in gated community. This 3,875-square-foot home is being marketed by the Robbins Group for $776,000.

It all adds up to an efficient division of skills and labor. Each brings a particular skill set to the huddle.

Pam brings her longtime experience and people skills. Ashley, a Millennial, is a computer genius — a great value to the team since technological advances have revolutionized the business of real estate. Now Norm adds to the team the business contacts with whom he’s built up “valuable trust” through the years.

“[Ashley] offers to do everything we need to do. Pam is very social and has a wonderful reputation in the business. I’ve got so many contacts. My sphere of influence is huge,” said Norm, who is also on the Fort Worth ISD board. He sees his involvement as an extension of his long career “to make Fort Worth a better place to live and work.”

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