Business is Personal for The Key Team’s Julie Haymann and Lauren Savariego

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The Key Team: Julie Haymann and Lauren Savariego
The Key Team: Julie Haymann and Lauren Savariego

When it’s done right, business can be personal. Very personal.

Just ask Julie Haymann and Lauren Savariego. As young mothers determined to succeed at balanced home and professional lives, the Virginia Cook Realtors formed The Key Team to share the responsibilities of growing real estate careers. What started with a chance meeting over a decade ago has grown into a dynamic business partnership and a dedicated friendship. It’s a partnership that Julie and Lauren describe as more of a sisterhood.

“It didn’t start off this way,” Julie said. “But over the course of the past 10 years of working together, our relationship is more like sisters. We work out together, we socialize together and we work together.  We probably call each other like 15 times a day.”

Lauren Savariego and Julie Haymann describe their partnership as a "sisterhood."
Lauren Savariego and Julie Haymann describe their partnership as a “sisterhood.”

Lauren agrees that their bond is unique – and that their clients reap the benefits of their extraordinary relationship. “Not all partners work as closely as Jules and I. We ensure that our clients know that we are here for them throughout the buying and selling process and beyond. Our clients know that one of us is always available. “

In addition to their successful real estate careers, both are devoted mothers and dedicated to volunteer work at their children’s schools and within the Jewish community. Julie and Lauren describe themselves as honest, driven, and energetic. They describe one another using words like, professional, creative, and passionate. They say they are lucky to have found one another.

“We are as close at the office as we are in our personal lives,” Julie says. “We both feel so blessed to be able to share our successes in and out of the office together.”

What’s the secret to The Key Team’s success?

Lauren: “Very early on in our careers, we decided that we would split everything 50/50. In doing so, you have to trust your partner to hold up their end of the bargain. That is where many partnerships fail.  Jules and I are in constant communication with each other. Life happens and we are well aware that some years I may sell more and others Julie may sell more. You have to be OK with that in order to be successful. “

Speaking of, any advice for communicating with your partner? After 10 years (and forgive me for making assumptions but that’s a long time to work with someone so closely), you probably come pretty close to reading each other’s minds.

Julie: “We don’t sugarcoat anything. We both have thick skin and can handle constructive criticism from each other. We both realize we aren’t perfect but we have this amazing open flow of communication, a sounding board for every move we make. Ultimately, we both realize we have each other’s best interests in mind and having this guidance makes us so much better at what we do.”

What keeps you motivated?

Lauren: “Like any partnership, you don’t want to let the other person down. That is where Julie and I set ourselves apart. We both have the desire to work hard not only for ourselves and our families, but we want our clients to feel that same drive and dedication.”

Julie: “Having a partner and knowing she is counting on me keeps me motivated. We made a commitment to each other and neither of us would ever let one another down. Finally, we have clients who are counting on us. We have a level of integrity and want to be sure to live up to our promises to always be there for our clients needs during what typically is a very stressful time.”

Julie and Lauren pride themselves on providing full-service professionalism, ensuring their clients have timely responses and effortless accessibility throughout the buying and selling process. The pair focuses mainly on the Dallas neighborhoods of Lakewood, Preston Hollow, and North Dallas, as well as the Plano area.

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