Preston Hollow Village: Frost is Hot for Frosty Weather

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Got myself over to Preston Hollow Village the other day, at the northwest corner of Central/75 and Walnut Hill Lane. Whenever I drive by that development I get happy. I’m happy because the stores are great, but happy also because it represents a new generation of progressive Dallas development. I still recall the old apartments that were once on this land, the fires, and then the fallow dirt that sat and SAT and wouldn’t even sell at auction during the depths of the recession in 2009. Wells Fargo acquired all of Wachovia’s bad assets, including this, and Wells ended up foreclosing on the property Wachovia had poured more than $40 million into. Kroenke Holdings bought the land in 2010 from the bank.

WalnutHill & Central 2009

To see the land full, vibrant, and loaded with shoppers as I did — I’m talking lines at Trader Joe’s! — is a huge accomplishment.

Another hot spot is Frost, the gelato store that serves up quintessential Italian gelato by Frost Italian gelato master Nazario Melchiondia. Though you might think wow, that’s nice for the eight months of the year when it’s steaming hot in Dallas, guess again. Frost serves up a HOT GELATO that is delish (you plop in one or more fave gelato flavors to steaming coffee) as well as hot chocolates. Perfect for our FROSTY weather but Frost gelato is also a great treat for anyone feeling under with the flu or a head cold. And talk about great holiday gifts, I picked up some gift certificates at Frost for my husband’s staff at nearby Presby Dallas. (Shhh, don’t tell!)

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  1. Sean M. says

    Frost is amazing! I am also happy to see it’s not a huge, empty lot like it was for years. It was very sad every time we drove by there. Now, we shop at the Trader Joe’s and our child’s pediatrician’s office also moved in there!

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