“Real Housewives of Dallas” Star Stephanie Hollman Nabs Turtle Creek Estate at Auction… Let the Parties Begin!

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GetMedia.ashxOne of Dallas’ Real Housewives and her LA-house flipping spouse, Travis,  just snatched the bargain of the century on a house that may well be the most notorious dirt in town. I am talking that famous spread on Turtle Creek Drive originally built by Braden Power, as you may recall, back in 2005. The home was famous for, among other things, the swimming pool in the main foyer! Built of the highest quality materials, the home is exquisite: when Braden thought one element was wonderful, he put in ten and added swans! The master closet rivals the couture department at Neimans size-wise with a sitting room, wet bar and desk. Oh and a place to watch TV. The jacuzzi spa is indoors and part of the upstairs media room. Yes, that is the point: you sit in or out of the oversized spa while watching the tube, clothes completely optional. Mais oui. (Must have been a blast on election night!) Sixty percent of the upstairs is devoted to the master suite, including a whole room for a shower, that indoor spa jacuzzi with television, a separate bathtub room, coffee/wine bar and of course, the room where you actually sometimes really sleep.

Downstairs there are two kitchens, formals, the pooled foyer, and a fabulous infinity exterior pool and yard overlooking Turtle Creek.

We have loved Turtle Creek since she was a gleam in her daddy’s eye. She even has a name: Casa Bellamini and was featured on HGTV’s Million Dollar Room. Once Braden built the home, he tried to sell it but the market did not cooperate — remember Lehman Brothers? First Erin Mathews listed it back in early 2010 for $6,900,000, getting it again in July 2010. No go. Even Marilyn Hoffman had her hands on this deal, raising the asking to $7,900,000. In January of 2011, a Chris Lowdon listed it for $7,900,000 or $929.41 a square foot. Yeow! And then, sometime in between all these agents, Braden covered the pool in the foyer.

You always want to be the first-born, the second wife and the third agent: Along comes Doris Jacobs to the rescue. She sells the home on March 24, 2011 for a whopping $7,900,000 to none other than Lee Bailey, then the fresh ex-wife of restaurateur Ed Bailey. Lee proceeds to make the home respectable: no more wild parties, talks to both Sherry Hayslip, whose husband, Cole, designed the home, and Trisha Wilson about the interiors, and takes the cover off that pool in the foyer!

Fast forward to 2016: Lee Bailey wants to sell, she enlists Doris again who lists the home at $8,895,000 after more than a million dollars in renovations, and in a much healthier market. In June, shocker: Lee changes agents to Kelly Watson with Keller Williams Urban, a lovely woman from Zimbabwe, South Africa. Then shocker of all shocks: Lee and Kelly bring on Concierge Auctions, who, as you know, can get the job done lickety split. (“TKTK Turtle Creek is for the elite and someone who really loves to entertain high end black tie, but also casual AFFAIRS”). Well Turtle Creek Drive is going, going, GONE on November 14, 2016 for, are you ready because it’s LESS THAN DCAD…

$5,010,000. Can you believe? And the buyers are none other than Stephanie and Travis, freshly flush from their house flipping in LA. Forget lockers, Travis should stay focused on KNOCKERS!


This Mediterranean showplace was originally modeled after The Villa, Casa Casuarina in Miami, which you might recall was Gianni Versace’s South Beach pied-à-terre, now a luxury boutique hotel.


Architect Cole Smith outdid himself with the construction of the barrel clay tile roof and the indoor reflective heated, saltwater pool lined with Bisazza glass tiles that lies at the foot of the fireplace in the grand foyer. Lest you think that pool might make the room chilly,  there’s even heated flooring surrounding the pool and of  course a state-of-the-art HVAC system ensures there is nary a trace of chlorine or humidity.



Under Lee’s sophisticated eye was added $1 million in renovations to what is now an 8,631 square foot property with four bedrooms, five bathrooms and a half-bath, six gathering areas, two dining areas, five interior and two exterior fireplaces, three wet bars (including one in that fabulous master closet), nine balconies, a covered loggia, creek-side lounging area, two pools and spas, gorgeous landscaped grounds,  a three-car detached garage and a partridge in a pear tree. Try and say all of that fast, it’s a challenge. Actually, I am kidding about the partridge but not about the swans: there are many and if they fly upstream, just order some more.

This home is decadent, very sexy, and yet warm and inviting in a way most homes of this size are not. When Braden owned it, I swear he pumped Viagra through the evaporator coils as a pheromone.


Stephanie and the girls will love this: the kitchen is not your typical work space. It’s integrated into the living area in an intimate manner with a stunning view. Appliances are hidden behind custom carved walnut-paneled doors and yes they bear all the names you want, Bosch, Thermador, SubZero, Dacor and GE Profile. Stephanie & Travis: your private chef will be thrilled.


You’ve heard of smart homes? This one is a genius home. Mensa. Push a button and not only do lights come on and fireplaces ignite, but you also have cascading fountains, instant music and well, the list goes on, and on. Oh the filming that will be here…

Symmetrical staircases on either side of the grand foyer lead to the second floor and that luxurious master suite. We’re in love with the dressing area. It is second only to the one at Champ d’Or with walnut closets, a seating area and a balcony. Every dressing area needs a balcony where you can sip champagne while you decide on the perfect evening gown.

The master bathroom has us equally enchanted and really the word “bathroom” does not do it justice. It’s more like “bath world.” A glass-tiled spa-pool with a waterfall, fireplace, marble wet bar, spa media room and lounge seating is all essential because really the party is right here.

GetMedia-5.ashxGetMedia-6.ashxIt’s entertainment central in the backyard. Again “backyard” is not a word that accurately describes almost an acre of land with a covered loggia, limestone-surrounded fireplace, infinity pool, butterfly garden, and a tented creekside gazebo with a lounging area and, you guessed it,  another fireplace. Definitely not just a “backyard”. It’s exquisite and everything Bailey did to the house has only served to make it more majestic … and desirable.

Stay tuned for more on this home. We just cannot seem to stay away from it for very long! And neither, it seems, can the “Real Housewives”!



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  1. Lee Bailey says


    Pardon my late hour response — just off a plane from the F1 Race in Abu Dhabi. Jet-lag will get you every time!

    I am thrilled for the Hollman’s and looking forward to meeting them. May they love the house as much as I do.

    As we discussed via email, earlier this year, the salacious tone of your coverage is what caused me to remove the house from the market and rescind my listing with Doris. The house had been off the market, for several months, before the dynamic Ms. Watson came into my life.

    A few other details you might want to verify . . . Only one swan remains, of the original 2 pairs. I spent 5-figures on care for him, after he was initially bitten by a woman’s dog and the second time, shot with a pellet gun. Fortunately, he has many who care and will continue to watch over him.

    Oh . . . And, the other detail? You will never know exactly what Ms. Bailey paid for Casa Bella Vista 😉 Or, what she took to the bank . . . All involved signed a binding Confidentiality Agreement.

    • mmCandy Evans says

      Lee, thank you! We are so thrilled you are jetting around the world as you should! Pardon our salacious tone, we just love this house so much. What other home has so many unique features graced by your great taste? Dying to meet Ms. Watson! And we will keep an eye out for the swans! Thank you for taking such good care of him, and we really hope you are having a great time.

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