Linda Fritschy Creates Custom Interior Design Spaces, Inspired By Each Client

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Linda Fritschy
All interior photos: Michael Hunter Photography

Dallas interior designer Linda Fritschy learned early how to make good design choices. Her mom’s hobbies included updating her home and purchasing art, and she was Fritschy’s first client.

Linda Fritschy
Linda Fritschy, ASID. Photo: Robert Peacock

“She began when I was 12 or 13, taking me with her to go make purchases for the house and she would ask me my opinion,” she said. “I learned to consider what’s in the house already and what we were going to add to it, what was going to be good in the design scheme, and I learned about seeing the big picture and trusting my gut.”

Today, her expertise is honed and she is the owner of Linda Fritschy Interior Design, a firm she established in 1989. Her ability to create inspired spaces customized to each client—often using existing pieces of furniture, accessories, or art—is part of her genius. She manages the style, balance, and color of each color expertly and the end results speak for themselves.

While every space is a one-of-a-kind creation, Fritschy says she finds herself returning to certain elements again.

“I always lines that are clean and modern without being trendy,” she said. “I like to create a variety of interior styles.”

Linda FritschyLinda Fritschy Linda Fritschy

Fritschy grew up in Carlsbad, New Mexico, and her decision to focus on interior design came her junior year in high school. She attended Texas Tech, and graduated with a bachelors of fine arts degree in interior design.

She moved to Dallas, attracted by the city and design community here.

“I like the size of the town, the diversity of the people, and the access to the showrooms,” she said. “I can hop in my car and go to the showrooms and they do a great job and work really hard to find us a lot of sources, and Dallas on its own has a lot of sources.”

Linda Fritschy Linda Fritschy Linda Fritschy

Getting to know clients is the first step in creating the home they want, Fritschy says.

“My challenge is different every time because of whom I work with and as I get to know a person, I learn what their goals are,” she said. “I always do initial interviews in their homes and that tells me a lot—I can get a good sense of how much they live in their home and it tells me about the life they lead, how they live, if they’re tidy, if storage is important.”

The next meeting is also in the house, and she uses technology to help, too.

“If they’ll invite me to their Houzz ideabooks, it helps me too because I’m wanting big picture so I can get that and dive into the details.”

Linda Fritschy Interior Design Linda Fritschy Interior Design Linda Fritschy Interior Design

With a highly regarded portfolio containing over 30 years of diverse design experience, Fritschy received recognition from DHome’s “Best of the Best” Dallas Interior Designers from 2007-2015, and was featured in DHome Magazine’s October 2007 issue. Fritschy has received numerous awards from the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), including honors for her green kitchen and furniture designs. She’s also a Best of Houzz winner in 2015 and 2016.

“Winning these awards means we work long hard hours and it all pays off—it feels good to have them and it feels good to he recognized by my peers and by the people I work with,” she said.

Linda Fritschy Interior Design Linda Fritschy Interior Design Linda Fritschy Interior Design

Despite her acclaimed body of work, Fritschy continues to seek inspiration and stay at the forefront of her craft through professional education courses and participation in industry associations. Part of that is volunteering as a mentor to up-and-coming design students.

“In the past, I was involved in ASID in a lot of different capacities over the years and more recently, mentoring students, including high school and Art Institute students,” she said. “I enjoy it tremendously.”

Linda Fritschy Interior Design Linda Fritschy Interior Design Linda Fritschy Interior Design



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