World Ending? This Possum Kingdom Lake Home with a Bunker is For You

1077 Honeysuckle - Exterior 1

Were Tuesday’s results a gut punch? Does the impending transfer of power fill you with dread at the prospect of the world ending in an orange haze over a Twitter spat?  Perhaps this home is for you.  It’s located about 140 miles outside Dallas … twice the distance the Nevada Test Site was from Las Vegas during their 1950s nuclear bomb testing program. Why does this matter?  Because underneath this unassuming lake house is a 1,000-square-foot bunker to wait out the apocalypse.

1950s Las Vegas Postcard

1950s Las Vegas Postcard

Kidding (?) aside, this home at 1077 Honeysuckle Court, is a generous 4,522 square feet on 1.7 acres with three bedrooms and four full plus two half baths (above ground). It’s listed for $985,000 with Deirdra Jordan of Pondera Properties, which specialized in Possum Kingdom Lake properties.

1077 Honeysuckle - Entry 1

Before the end you’ll be living in pretty nice digs.  Plenty of hardwoods, solid core doors and the like.  Walking through the two-story entry, you see what this home is all about.  The lake.

1077 Honeysuckle - View 1

How’s this for a deck?  It pretty much runs the length of the house and offers choice views of the lake.  In between, you’ll notice plenty of open land … this home has 1.7 acres you recall.  But tearing yourself away from the views, there’s a house to see.

1077 Honeysuckle - Living-Dining 1

As you see in this combination living and dining space, the wall is pretty much windows. Exposed beams and the stone fireplace offer a 5-star cabin feel.

1077 Honeysuckle - Kitchen 1

All the living areas on the first floor are open concept, so this kitchen opens right onto the dining and living areas. The “fireplace” housing the cooktop mirrors the actual fireplace across the room in its stone work.

1077 Honeysuckle - Master 1

The master bedroom is another generously sized room with great views of the lake and surrounding territory.  The telescope by the windows is convenient for checking out the stars, distant neighbors, and any mushroom clouds emanating from the Metroplex.

1077 Honeysuckle - Underground Kitchen 1

And should you see any suspicious clouds on the horizon, this is where you run.  The self-contained bunker under the house.  The kitchen is a bit more Spartan than the one above ground, but living off prepackaged and canned foods doesn’t require a chef’s dream.  Besides, with only 1,000 square feet and 12 beds, this is pure survival.

1077 Honeysuckle - Underground Bunk 1

You read that right, the bunker sleeps 12, so you can either house like-minded friends or have space to begin your re-population of a scorched earth. With 12 people bunking on one room, you’ll be happy that Green Giant doesn’t can broccoli or brussels sprouts … but if I learned anything in Boy Scouts, the snorer will fall asleep first … every night … guaranteed!

1077 Honeysuckle - Underground Bath-Laundry 1

Twelve people and one rather spare bathroom with a stacked washer and dryer. There’s going to be a line outside this room 24/7. But what else do you have to do?  Watch Dr. Strangelove … again?

1077 Honeysuckle - Food Storage

Here’s your larder.  It’s not Central Market but you’ll live.  Quality of life is a whoooole other topic entirely.  Long ago a friend told me she would survive an apocalypse longer because she thought I was a pickier eater.  I told her … once the chocolate is gone, I’m kinda done.  She thought on that a moment and agreed.

Interestingly, this home was built in 2011, three years into the Obama presidency, so it seems fitting that the home now offer peace of mind to a Democrat … or a woman … or a minority … or a handicapped person … really anyone fearing the worst.

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