Hollywood Street Artist Has a Little Real Estate Fun With Presidential Election

Only in LA would someone create art out of the presidential election AND mix it in with real estate. These images are popping up all over bus-stop benches in Pacific Palisades, Brentwood and Beverly Hills, and sprinkled in the yards of various homes for sale. The artist, an ultra conservative (I guess) named Sabo, is using them as satirical content (the celebs all said they will move out of the country if Trump wins the election) to drive people to a website, or so The Hollywood Reporter reports:

There’s also a phone number and a website, GTFOOH.today, which prolific street artist Sabo told The Hollywood Reporter stands for: “Get the f–k out of here today.” (The plan is for satirical content at the website while the phone number is actually to a Beverly Hills art gallery that is temporarily closed).

The logos are fake, but look pretty real. One wonders just how long it will take Sotheby’s to issue a cease and desist.

But then again, after tomorrow, they could become valuable pieces of historical art. (Jump for more)sabo_sothebys_-_jon_stewart_-_h_-_2016