BREAKING: Surveyors Caught Measuring Pink Wall’s Diplomat Condos

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I doubt they're measuring for a Christmas Tree.
I doubt they’re measuring for a Christmas Tree.

Y’all may recall back in August I wrote about multiple reports that both the Royal Orleans and Diplomat buildings had approved a sale.  I caught some flack because as a result, the buildings denied any approval had been given to sell.

I’m feeling slightly vindicated today as the Preston Hollow South Neighborhood Association reports surveyors were photographed yesterday measuring the lot lines for the Diplomat.

From: John Pritchett, President
Subject: What’s Going on at Diplomat?

 The rumors of some nature of “deal” keep swirling “Behind the Pink Wall.” When word spread about a two-fer involving Diplomat and Royal Orleans a few months ago, RO flatly denied it. So is Diplomat going it alone?

 Not only is that rumor making the rounds again, surveyors were marking off the boundary of Diplomat yesterday. So more than rumor? One would think so.

On the upside, if it is just the Diplomat, it’s super unlikely to be a high-rise. On the downside, I like the Diplomat building architecturally.

The area in question
The area in question

Redevelopment makes the most sense within the PD-15 area.  Unlike the rest of the Pink Wall area, it’s not choke-held by decades-old deed restrictions.

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  1. renato says

    Wow. Looks like the dam is really breaking on these old construction condos. Had not realized that there were no condos before 1960. So first time are dealing with the issues surrounding the recycling of condo lots. Thanks for the article.

    • Jon Anderson says

      You ‘re welcome. Yes, prior to 1960 there was no legal description for a condo in the US (1958 in Puerto Rico). However, there were co-ops, where owners own shares in a corporation that owns the building (share = unit). Though popular in places like New York City, the only co-op in Dallas that I’m aware of was the Park Towers building (condo today). Condo or apartment, these older buildings are going.

      • renato says

        Because is especially hard to move these lots given how many people are involved, I wonder what the number of recent sales and/or option deals says about the temperature of the market. Especially interested in the proposed Marriott at 3000 Fairmount where the headquarters of the developer is right across the street from the selling complex. Is the market so hot that major deals are getting started by developers buttonholing old ladies walking their dogs?

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