Making Out Like a Bandit with Pink Wall Condos on Bandera

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Park Sovereign Condos: Unit "D" Upper Floor Bedroom Windows.
Park Sovereign Condos: Unit “D” Upper Floor Bedroom Windows.

It’s not often that there are two identical units across the hall from each other that are suited to completely different buyers. Enter 6151 Bandera Avenue units “C” and “D”.  Both have two bedrooms with two bathrooms encompassing 1,462 square feet with surprisingly good closets and storage for a 1963 building. Both have the same $535 HOA fees that include all utilities. Both had pretty heavy traffic representing a spectrum of singles/couples/younger/older/gay/straight buyers at Sunday’s open house.

What differentiates these units is their level of renovation …

Drop the Bookcase Wall "L" and Open 'er Up
Drop the Bookcase Wall “L” and Open ‘er Up

Unit “C” is listed for $249,900 with Catherine Gravel of Action Realty and is the less renovated of the two.  You know me, I sleep with a sledgehammer, so renovation is where I’m at.  In 1963, kitchens were smaller and closed off.  I’d drop the bookcase wall and around into the dining room.  A nice large countertop and you’ve got a great space for entertaining.

6151C - Kitchen

In this picture, the center and right walls go.  Don’t worry about missing the upper cabinet space, behind this photographer is an eat-in area (that most wouldn’t use) where more cabinets could be added.  Meal preparation would be open to guests.

6151C - Master Bed 1

It’s easy to see what a nice size master bedroom is here.  Unfortunately some odd staging moved the bed away from its natural location under the window (with the matching sconces). Note that you’re seeing layered rugs.  There are original hardwoods throughout these units.

6151C - Bed 2

Even the second bedroom doesn’t skimp on space.  I bet you’re shocked to see a children’s room with bunk beds behind the Pink Wall.  And no, it’s not staging. This is a real, live, actual children’s room … with great built-ins.

6151C - Bath 2

Here’s the other renovation need, the bathrooms.  This is a very typical of the era shotgun second bath.  Some light updating has been done, but perhaps you’d want to do more?  Double sinks?  You’d keep the bathtub because the master only has a shower (original to the building, not a tub conversion).

Unit “C” is a little less money but needs some kitchen and bath updates.  If you’re like me and want that kind of frustration and ultimate control, this is your unit.  However, if you’re a move-in-ready buyer, walk across the hall to the “D” unit.

6151D - Living Dining 1
Unit “D” Dining and Living Rooms with Kitchen to Right

Before we talk about this unit’s renovations, you will note that there are larger windows in this unit.  In fact, this and the unit below are the only two units with the oversized windows seen here.  It’s a mystery. It’s also listed with Suzanne Laidlaw and Sharon Mullinix from Dave Perry Miller for $284,900.

In the above picture you can begin to see the differences with the larger and centered window flanked by matching built-in bookcases.  What you can’t see but can hear are the solid core doors used throughout this unit.  You see, the current owner, who’s lived in the building for years, literally finished this renovation a month ago before getting engaged and deciding to move to Houston.  So this home wasn’t built to flipper-spec, it was done to owner spec.

6151D - Kitchen 1

This is an owner’s spec kitchen with inset cabinetry (pricey), stone counters and brand-new stainless steel appliances (the fridge and small eat-in area are behind the photographer).  The area is light and bright and ready for you to burn cook Thanksgiving dinner.

6151D - Master Bed

The master bedroom enjoys more of the oversized windows found in this unit.  Both bedrooms have walls of south-facing windows.  The en suite bathroom is just left of this picture.

6151D - Master Bath 1

The master bath has a new vanity, tile, toilet and deep shower (behind the photographer). There are two generous closets and a built in chest of drawers (with inset drawers).

6151D - Bath 2

There was no skimping on the second bath either.  More pricey cabinetry, marble tile and a new soaking bathtub.  See that rail on the right?  That’s a marble half wall for added (and unexpected) elegance.  Across the hall from this bathroom is a full-size stacked washer and dryer.

6151D - Bedroom 2

Here’s a final note on those added windows.  This is the second bedroom (or perhaps séance room with that crystal ball on the table?).  What you can’t see are the walls.  They’ve been skim coated for a smoother finish.

So which one is for you?  Do you want to save $35,000 and renovate unit “C” to your own tastes or are you ready to move into unit “D” with your robe and toothbrush?  Either way, given the traffic at Sunday’s open house, you better decide quickly.


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    Jon, so great to meet you this weekend. Love the article! The “crystal ball” has worked it’s magic…only it knows who will be the next owner of the beautifully renovated unit!!!

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