Love Getting Spooky? These 3 North Texas Suburbs Are The Best Places to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween Decorations

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WalletHub, one of our favorite sources for all of those ranking lists that pit cities against each other on a wide variety of somewhat pointless criteria, just crunched the numbers to discover what American cities are the best places to celebrate Halloween. Now, this annual day of spooky decor, jack o’ lanterns, and politically incorrect costumes that are shared all over the internet is big business, expected to net $8.4 billion in 2016, WalletHub claims. But what towns get their Samhain on better than anyone else?

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To find out what American Cities are the best for our annual celebration of all things spooky, WalletHub compared the 100 largest U.S. cities across 18 key metrics, ranging from “number of candy and chocolate stores per capita” to “average cost of a Halloween party ticket” to “Halloween weather forecast.”

Among the top 20 cities for Halloween, three North Texas suburbs earned a spot, including Plano (No. 8), Irving (No. 11), and Garland (No. 17). Two other Texas cities made it on the list, with Laredo coming in at fifth and El Paso at No. 14.

Top 20 Cities for Halloween
1 Santa Ana, CA 11 Irving, TX
2 New York, NY 12 St. Paul, MN
3 Jersey City, NJ 13 Anaheim, CA
4 Newark, NJ 14 El Paso, TX
5 Laredo, TX 15 Tampa, FL
6 Gilbert, AZ 16 Philadelphia, PA
7 Chula Vista, CA 17 Garland, TX
8 Plano, TX 18 Honolulu, HI
9 Chicago, IL 19 Fort Wayne, IN
10 Las Vegas, NV 20 Pittsburgh, PA

For more fun facts, check out this infographic from WalletHub:



Source: WalletHub

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