A Tale of Two Penthouses, Vol. 2 : Park Plaza Unit 804

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804 - Living 3

For better or worse, we all make snap judgements when we see houses.  My first thought as I looked through the pictures for this home was that there didn’t appear to be a comfortable seat in the house.  It’s as though some unseen maiden aunt had eschewed comfort for herself and guests.

My second thought was that the wood floors look spectacular.  Regardless of whether you like the pattern, you have to admit they’re really well done.

The third thought I had was how completely different this home is to its neighboring penthouse, 801 featured in Vol. 1.  While 801 may attract groovy, middle-aged buyers, the buyer of 804, located just a few feet away, would seem to be generationally different.

But would they?

That’s the thing about snap judgements, you often have to backtrack.  While the furnishings of this home are completely out of my comfort zone, that’s not what’s for sale!  (Truth be told, the fireplace surrounds would go, too, but that’s a relatively easy fix.)

804 - Living 2

What’s being sold by Richard Montemayor of Coldwell Banker Apex is a 3,365-square-foot penthouse with four bedrooms, four  full baths, and one half bathroom for $2.625 million. (UPDATE: June 9, 2016: Big price drop of $425,000 or 16% to $2.2 million.)

Being some 2,000 square feet smaller, unit 804 is more compact than unit 801, although both are similarly priced.  A smaller space may suit someone more like me who, while marveling at large homes, realizes they’re just too big for little ol’ me. Having rooms I wouldn’t enter very often seems a waste … but that’s me … although for roughly the same price, I may have to think on that.

804 - Shower 1

The standout feature of this home is the master bathroom.  The shower room is more like a Turkish hammam than something you’d ever expect to see in a high-rise.  It’s got an enormous rain head, a typical wall shower and steam.  It even has a bench to sit on while you make up your mind!  What magic was required to hook this up in a high-rise, I’ve no idea (although I’m sure being a two-story unit with access to the plumbing was a big help).  But hip-hip-hooray to whomever thought it up!

804 - M Closet 1

Closet space is also wonderful with hanging space galore and built in dressers and shelves.  I’m not sure I could fill this up … and if you know me, that’s pretty shocking (and exciting).

804 - Fire 2

The bedrooms (above/below) are good-sized with more wonderful wood floors.  You’ll notice the second floor rooms don’t have the more intricate pattern of the main floor, but they’re still great floors. Window space is likewise generous.

804 - Dining 1

Again, you’re not buying the art, but the wainscoting throughout the home is a great feature to have for those with traditional tastes.

804 - Kitchen 1

Where you could, as the Realtors say, “bring your own touches,” is the kitchen.  Closed off from the rest of the home it’s nothing glamorous.  A smart renovation here would add value and connect it to the rest of the home.

804 - Patio 2

Again, you’re not buying the décor, you’re buying a quite generous terrace for all your sunbathing and barbecuing needs. Aside from taste, the likely reason this terrace feels more enclosed is because unit 804 is a little further around the corner of the building than unit 801, and so more towards the noise of Lemmon Avenue and the tollway.

This penthouse is a mixed bag.  Some things you love the minute you see them (that shower, those floors) but there’s likely renovations to be done. But that’s nothing new to anyone dealing in this price point where personal touches are all buyers want to see when the dust settles.

Neither unit is flawless.  Which of these neighboring penthouses would you call home?


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  1. mmCandy Evans says

    I want those green ceramic garden benches! Actually a very cool home: you just need one room where you can let your hair down or in my case, go curly!

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