Albert Hill Trust Wants to Sells Al G. Hill III and Erin Nance Hill’s Place on Bordeaux

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Plaintiff David Pickett, trustee of the Albert Hill Trust, has filed a petition to get Al G. Hill III and his wife, Erin Nance Hill, to agree to sell their old Highland Park abode on Bordeaux, or at least talk about it. Seems the house is unoccupied (according to the petition) and has sustained some water damage:

4433 Bordeaux streetview
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17. Although the parties to this lawsuit have owned the Bordeaux Property for more than 15 years, it currently is unoccupied. Defendants currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia. As such, Plaintiff has become aware of the deteriorating condition of the Bordeaux Property, such as a recent water leak that damaged the Bordeaux Property, and Plaintiff has been forced to expend amounts from its funds to protect the value of the Bordeaux Property.

18. Due to the mounting cost of repairs, coupled with other significant expenses such as property taxes, Plaintiff wishes to sell its portion of the Bordeaux Property as ownership of the home is no longer a prudent financial investment.

19. Unfortunately, this is impossible without Court intervention. Defendants refuse to pay for their portion of the upkeep of the Bordeaux Property. Perhaps even more importantly, Defendants will not participate in discussions about selling the Bordeaux Property.

You may recall that, back in April of 2011 (yikes, 5 years ago!) a grand jury returned three counts of making a false statement to obtain property or credit and one count of securing execution of a document by deception against Al G. Hill III and his wife, Erin, who was also charged with two counts of making a false statement and one of securing execution of a document by deception. That was because they apparently claimed to be sole owners of 4433 Bordeaux when they really only owned 20 percent of the house, as the trust owns 80 percent. But of course, their permission is still needed to sell the home.

That unfortunate family drama — don’t we all have them? — was so sad and complicated. The Hills now live in a $9 million home in Atlanta.

The $500,000 loan was paid back even before the charges were brought and the lender had not complained.

Hill thought the whole thing was politically motivated. His attorneys accused then Dallas County DA Craig Watkins of prosecutorial misconduct for pursuing the charges in the first place, saying he did so as a favor for his political benefactor, Lisa Blue, who was separately involved in a multimillion-dollar legal-fee dispute with Hill.

At the key hearing in 2013, Levario dismissed the charges against Hill, and Watkins was held in contempt of court for refusing to testify. That contempt citing was later overturned by a visiting judge who said the hearing should not have been held in the first place. Then Democrat Levario lost her bid for re-election to a prosecutor who worked for Watkins. And Watkins lost to Republican Susan Hawk. And then … oh heck, let’s get back to house porn.

The red brick estate at 4433 Bordeaux is on DCAD books for $2,491,260. What do you think it could fetch in this market should Al and Erin agree to sell it? The lot is 97 feet wide by 173 feet deep, the home was built in 1939 and later remodeled, and is about 4,400 square feet. Choice location.


Al G. Hill Lawsuit over Bordeaux Property


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    Do They know Albert Hill is he has family in Kansas City Kansas who they are missing with Erin Nance Hill is former beauty queen Miss Georgia Teen USA and Miss Georgia USA 1993 who compete in 1993 miss USA pageant

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