Awful Dallas Real Estate Photos: We Can Do Better for this Poor Little Townhome

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2512 Summit Ln ext

Okay, I get it: this is not Highland Park, but still, folks, please: Is this the best this agent could do with photos even on a $55,000 unit?

Well, I guess it is: she already has the place under contract. WELL SHUT MY MOUTH!

“TWO BEDROOM, TWO BATH ONE CAR GARAGE, LOTS OF WINDOWS THIS IS (sic) one half of a duplex. Current under Section 8 lease on a month-to-month tenancy in case you want to live here yourself.”

I might, if I could SEE the place! And what’s with the skylight? Listing agent is Ruth Dower with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. But I don’t see THIS listing on her site… I know I am declaring war on ugly Real estate photos this year, but methinks maybe photos like these make properties more appealing to investors. (Hat tip to some wonderful reader for this!)

2512 Summitt mess2512 summitt dining

messy yard

2512 Summitt mess

2512 Summitt LR2

2512 Summitt LR

2512 Summit entry

2512 Summit kit 2

2512 ummit kitchen

messy bath 2

messy bathroom make up

2512 Summit bed 2

2512 Summot Ln bed 1

2512 Summit bath


Candy Evans

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  1. Andrea Brooks says

    I have several buying clients shopping in the $500-1.0 range and even some of THOSE listings have horrible, out of focus, camera phone pictures on MLS. Those agents are doing such a disservice to their clients!

  2. Karen Eubank says

    Maybe the Realtor is afraid of the client or has no clue how to approach the topic? That’s where stagers come in! This house has plenty of “good” going for it. It really would have taken only three or four hours to whip it into shape.

  3. Clay Bonner says

    These photos look like they were done professionally, despite the subject matter. I would like to make a plea to all Realtors, no matter what the list price or days on market, that interior photos are the greatest thing for appraisers when it comes time to use that sale as a comparable. Even if your listing has 1 day on market, please throw in some interior photos so appraisers can use the comparable wisely.

  4. Susan Melnick says

    Since it’s already under contract…does it really matter? Doesn’t Section 8 say it all….
    Just say’n. Surely there are other topics for you guys to write about.
    Some of us are “in the trenches”…real estate isn’t all glitz and glamour.

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