The Fifth R: Regaled at the Claridge

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Judy Pittman Flanked by Staff who stayed a pinch past sunset!
Judy Pittman surrounded by staff who stayed a pinch past sunset! (Photos: Lisa Stewart Photography)

Tuesday night, 64 of our closest friends spent the evening exploring the Claridge and celebrating the first anniversary of the Staff Meeting events.

As you recall, this was a humdinger event with four simultaneous open houses in the beautiful Claridge on Turtle Creek and Lemmon Avenue (my “Four R” homes).  We all ended up in the wrap-around penthouse for a stunning sunset champagne toast (or two … with a little chocolate, natch!).  For those who may have missed an “R” or two:  REHAB, REMODEL, REFRESH and REJOICE.

Before we see more party pics, I must praise the Claridge staff who valeted all those cars and long-time manager Shirley Black for being so very gracious to our event and guests.

Ebby's Penny Rivenbark and husband Matt Patton flank, Ebby’s Little White House manager Matt Patton and Candy
Ebby’s Penny Rivenbark and husband Matt Patton flank Ebby’s Little White House manager Keith Newman and Candy.

During and after the event I spoke with all the listing agents for the properties and we all heard one recurring theme from guests summed up as, “We haven’t been in the Claridge in years, thank you for reintroducing it to us. It’s back in our client rotation.”

In a high-rise, the star of the show is always the view.
In a high-rise, the star of the show is always the view.

The four units were represented by three brokerages who were all thrilled by the turnout and interest in their properties.  How many open houses score 64 agents and potential buyers?  Ebby’s Penny Rivenbark wrote me a note, “I felt it was a fabulous success!!”

Festive guests having a wonderful time
Festive guests Dan Yoder and Nancy Guerriero have a wonderful time.

The next day I ran into Sue Krider of Allie Beth Allman (the agent for 5D and 7E) in one of Gayle Schneider’s Briggs Freeman listings and Krider highly recommended the experience.  Stay tuned for the swanky tittle-tattle on that future extra-extravaganza.

Judy Pittman and Jon Anderson enjoying a magical sunset
Judy Pittman and Jon Anderson enjoy a magical sunset.

Legend, and my new bestie, Judy Pittman, along with her assistant Lauren Champlin charmed the crowd … and why not, “her” penthouse charmed us all.

Coldwell Banker's Keith Head charms writer Karen Eubank
Coldwell Banker’s Keith Head charms writer Karen Eubank

No one whipped out a checkbook that night, but Candy’s husband was seen returning to Unit 15A a few times to speak with Ebby’s Penny Rivenbark.  Will Candy soon be “movin’ on up to a dee-luxe apartment in the sky?” She wouldn’t be the first person go high-rise after meeting me.

Misc 3 SM

Personally I was thrilled to meet fans of my scribbles (as always) but was doubly pleased that a fist didn’t pop out of nowhere wielded by someone I’d annoyed (ha!).  I admit to wondering which way my introduction to Allie Beth Allman’s EVP Kyle Crews would go … but I needn’t have worried, we’re in agreement on patio enclosures (hate ‘em).  🙂

In all honesty, it’s surprising and flattering when luminaries in Dallas real estate find value in the work of an upstart like me who’s only been writing about real estate for about a year.

Looks like someone just told Jo England the price of Unit 15A
Editor Joanna England chats about the luxury housing market with David and Rozie Samei of Avida Custom Homes.


Someone needed to talk to the hand!
Someone needed to talk to the hand … and for once it wasn’t me!

New for this event,’s Executive Editor Joanna England was streaming the event live on Facebook.  It was a spur of the moment decision to try out a new technology so most of those ambushed (including me) were a little discombobulated by the experience … but more than 250 viewers have tuned in to watch the festivities, and likely our flusterment.  Not bad for a first try!

The perfect way to begin or end any party … until next time!
The perfect way to begin or end any party … until next time!

Finally, we all thank our hostesses, Penny Rivenbark, Sue Krider, and Judy Pittman, and our guests for making this a memorable evening.

Remember:  Do you have an HOA story to tell?  A little high-rise history? Realtors, want to feature a listing in need of renovation or one that’s complete with flying colors?  How about hosting a Candy’s Dirt Staff Meeting?  Shoot Jon an email.  Marriage proposals accepted (they’re legal)!


Jon Anderson

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  1. Kyle Lyon says

    Perfect moment captured of the hand! A fantastic evening up in the Dallas Sky! Thank you all very much and to all the agents who let us see these beautiful listings!

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