Nancy Carroll Headed Back to Tarrant County from Illinois


Bubba and Nancy Carroll Spinks

Update Tuesday March 8: Nancy Carroll may be in Fort Worth today. Apparently the transport from Illinois took longer because the bus has to stop at various jails along the way, picking up and processing prisoners at various stops.

Update: We have cropped the photo to show only Nancy Carroll Spinks and her husband, “Bubba” Kenneth Spinks.

Nancy Jackson Carroll Spinks, d/b/a PSS Title, d/b/a Southwest Bank Acquisitions, LP, d/b/a SWBANKACQ, LLC and d/b/a ZAPP Trust (collectively, “Ms. Carroll”) is headed back to Texas from Illinois to face charges of theft and perhaps more. I got word that she was extradited to Tarrant County on a Greyhound bus from Lake Forest, Illinois with armed guards on Wednesday evening. The 48 hour trip ought to land her in Fort Worth Friday afternoon.

Nancy’s business, Millennium Title, was taken over by the Texas Department of Insurance last month when regulators said it had become insolvent and Nancy, the owner, had disappeared. Nearly $3 million had vanished from the company’s escrow account. Now sources tell me the funds stolen could be as high as $30 million.

Nancy had been living in Lake Forest, Illinois, a north shore Chicago suburb, where she had rented a house until police caught up with her. According to a source, Nancy was up north visiting her sister, Diana Stehling Sterling, who lives with her three four (and soon to be four five) children and a husband in Lake Forest. Diana is a CPA, according to my sources. Nancy was caught when she went out to eat at a Chicago area mall and paid for her food with her PayPal account. Mall security was notified that she was “wanted”, and she was arrested at her car (update: she was driving her 16 year old son’s car, a Mercedes) with her family, above.

That is Nancy’s 21-year-old husband, Bubba (Kenneth Spinks), her five year old daughter with Bubba, and her two children from a previous marriage to Shelby Carroll, and Nancy.

Stay tuned for more on this story, and I have no doubt NBC-TV’s Scott Gordon will be at the Tarrant County Courthouse Tuesday morning for Nancy’s first hearing.

Motion for Substitued Service Against Nancy Carroll (Jackson/Spinks)

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  • “That is Nancy’s 21 year old husband, Bubba (Kenneth Spinks), her five year old daughter with Bubba, and her two children from a previous marriage to Shelby Carroll, and Nancy.”

    Wait… hold on a second. What???

  • Diana Stehling is NOT a CPA, which can be verified at

  • Shelby, Nancy – Dawson and I have you in our prayers and hope that each of you remember that someday soon, this too, shall pass. Keep your heads up, always remember to trust in Him above, and perhaps what may feel like an end to you guys now, will actually turn out to be a new beginning . We wish you and each of the kids the best – Cesar & Dawson