Tarek and Christina Flopped on an Appearance in Portland in December 2015

Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen ...

Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen …

So! Social media backlash got them in Portland: Tarek and Christina El Moussa, the flipper king and queen from the HGTV series “Flip or Flop,” were scheduled to appear in Portland last month for a “live training” event designed to show folks how to make money and get rich in the local real estate market. But that didn’t happen.

My my, does this sound familiar? People took issue with the “premise of the event – quickly buying and selling homes for a profit – in a housing market that has seen fast-rising home valuesskyrocketing rents, no-cause evictions and historically low vacancy rates,” according to The Oregonian. Portland-area homes, like San Francisco, Seattle and — and DALLAS — posted annual gains at the third-fastest rate in the country in September, according to Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller home price index (from September 2015):

Houses in the region increased in value by 10.1 percent from September to September, the report found. For the second-straight month, only home values in Denver (10.9 percent) and San Francisco (11.2 percent) increased more quickly. Dallas (9 percent) and Seattle (8.2 percent) were next in line.

So James Carlson, of Advanced Real Estate Education, the company organizing the seminar in conjunction with Success Path Events, obviously using these HGTV stars for window dressing to bring in crowds, says he didn’t know there was a problem in Portland with housing affordability:

“We didn’t know that there was a local issue in terms of affordability of rents,” said James Carlson, of Advanced Real Estate Education.

Wait, help me here. This guy teaches real estate, teaches people how to buy and flip homes and make money, or oversees the whole “advanced” course, and “he doesn’t know there was a local issue in terms of affordability of rents?” If he doesn’t know that, he doesn’t know the local market. If he doesn’t know the local market, why the hell is he offering a course to “educate people”?

Oh wait, it was free:

The events are initially free, Carlson added, with attendees encouraged to purchase an investment course at the conclusion.

Yep, the old purchase the investment course trick.

Meantime, the fourth season of “Flip or Flop” premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. Jon, we have to attend one of these — just please NOT the Days Inn in Sherman. (I’m sure it’s lovely, she said…)

How about the Holiday Inn Express or the Magnolia Hotel? We will go undercover, of course!



February 2 Days Inn Sherman 6PM
February 2 Holiday Inn McKinney-Fairview 6PM
February 3 Hyatt Regency Richardson Noon & 6PM
February 3 Embassy Suites Frisco Noon & 6PM
February 4 Grapevine Convention Center Noon & 6PM
February 4 Hilton Garden Inn, Allen Noon & 6PM
February 5 Castle Heights Bijoux Events Center, Waco Noon
February 5 Hilton Garden Inn, Las Colinas Noon
February 6 Holiday Inn Express North Dallas 9AM
February 6 Magnolia Hotel, Dallas 9AM




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  • Hi Candy & Jon,

    I’ll go with you at the Magnolia Hotel…….just a question—if they are doing so many seminars at the same time in different locations, how do you know which seminar the stars will be at?


    • They’ll be by the pool sipping margaritas at their home in California I suspect. They seem to have only lent their name and meagre “star power” to this endeavor.

  • i am glad you posted info on this sleaze claptrap ripoff. i find the couple highly annoying, insincere, the program very scripted. her voice scares my cat. the guy just reeks of arrogance. anyone who falls for this scam deserves what they get.

  • LOL!!!!! I will be fishing in Key West

  • Why pick on them….lots of stars have come through Dallas pitching get rich quick by flipping. I wish more of the flippers would invest in homes than in courses. My guess is that their course is not much different than many of the dozens of others who probably come through every month with near the same offer. Come to the FREE 2hr seminar, then the $300 3 days weekend course, and then the $5000-$20,000 boot camp with a coach.

  • I can’t take any guy seriously who sculpts his hair into a point. I’m sorry he recently had cancer and a viewer spotted the lump on throat thus potentially saving his life, but this seminar thing seems really smarmy. You’d think they’d want to guard their brand.

    Yes, they are not the only ones hawking this approach and God bless capitalism but ICK.