Andy Beal First Wanted the Crow Manse, Then Decided He Wanted The Hicks Estate

4500 Preston Rd extIt is such a tough decision, I do feel his pain. Word is that Andy first wanted the beautiful estate of Margaret Crow at 4500 Preston Road. It was listed for $46 million and remains an expired listing listed with Allie Beth Allman.

It’s one of the largest & most historic sites in Highland Park. The rare 6+ acre estate is in the heart of Highland Park, one of only 5 multi-acre sites that were created on Preston Rd overlooking Turtle Creek when Highland Park was created in 1906.  The Tudor structure with Craftsman touches was designed in 1912, and has had only 3 owners. The grounds including a century-old tree.4500 Preston Road fountain

But he changed his mind and bought Tom and Cinda Hicks’ Walnut Place, the former Crespi Estate, on Walnut Hill Lane, the most expensive piece of real estate in Dallas or even North Texas… aside from the $725 million Waggoner Ranch, which is also under contract to a consortium of buyers. (Word is they close today.) Walnut Place is one of the most expensive properties in the world. It’s current status in MLS is cancelled.

And it is also one of the most beautiful. Breathtaking! But then, so is the home of the late Margaret Crow. Which one would you buy?

4500 Preston rd staircase 4500 Preston road foyer 4500 Preston Road LR 4500 Preston Rd drawing room 4500 Preston Road LR2 4500 Preston rd closet 4500 pre3ston road gameroom4500 Preston rd conservatory 4500 preston rd library 4500 preston rd gameroom4500 Preston Rd patio 4500 Preston Road grounds 2 4500 Preston Road grounds4500 Preston Rd beds 4500 Preston Rd trees 4500 Preston Rd leaves 4500 Preston Rd walkwy 4500 Preston rd croquet 4500 Preston Rd creek 4500 Preston Rd lawn 4500 Preston Road pool

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  • I’d buy the Crow estate because it’s more home than status symbol. It’s for people who know they have money. Hicks is for a buyer who wants everyone else to know they have money. More tangibly, Crow is a more urban, neighborhood-y location (and doesn’t back onto the tollway) with more than enough land.