Star Wars Real Estate: The Force is Strong With These Dallas-Fort Worth Homes

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Jo vs Kylo Ren
I did my best to use the force against Kylo Ren.

Huge Star Wars nerd that I am, I went to the special screening of The Force Awakens hosted by Keith’s Comics at Studio Movie Grill. Let’s just say that, if you’re a fan of the force, you’ll love this film. Big props to J.J. Abrams for doing right by the franchise. Last night, however, was pretty dang magical as a bunch of cosplayers showed up and whipped Padawans, Jedi, and Sith of all ages into a frenzy over the film’s opening.

Afterward, I wanted to take that magic home with me, maybe to a house that felt straight out of Episode VII. So I rounded up a list of five homes in Dallas-Fort Worth where the force is particularly strong. See for yourself:

6645 Northaven ext

6645 Northaven Road

This famous Preston Hollow home looks absolutely futuristic and would be totally at home in a galaxy far, far away. Designed by Lionel Morrison, it’s situated on the corner lot so the curved facade faces the street from all angles. It’s sure to withstand an attack from Storm Troopers should it come to that.

Mockingbird June 4

3809 Mockingbird Lane

This futuristic box house designed by Russell Buchanan feels like a spaceship landed in the middle of Mockingbird Lane. The interiors are functional and industrial and laden with precious stone from all over the world. And the staircase feels like a catwalk you’d see in an Imperial Star Destroyer, too.

10210 Strait Front

10210 Strait Lane

Designed by Philip Johnson, this modern home looks like the grand palace Senator Organa might have inhabited as he was raising a young Princess Leia. Palatial and sparse yet futuristic and surrounded by lush grounds, it might have been right at home on Alderaan if that planet hadn’t fallen victim to the Death Star in A New Hope.


2201 Buckner Blvd.

If it was sand instead of grass and soil, you’d definitely feel like you were at Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru’s on Tatooine. It’s had many names over the years, including “The Underground House” and “The Earth Sheltered House.”

456 Remuda FW ext

456 Remuda Drive

This is another earth-sheltered home, but topped with a modern, eco-friendly residence. But it’s the entrance that feels strangely reminiscent of the bunker entrance found on the planet Endor (home of the Ewoks, natch) that was the battleground in Episode VI, also known as Return of the Jedi.


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