6645 Northaven, Most Talked About Home In Dallas, Circles Back on the Market for $7.950

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6645 Northaven ext

You know this house. Everyone talks about it. It is certainly the talk of our neighborhood, and the most expensive home on the block.

It has been on the market previously for about two million more dollars — well you know what? You should never, ever slight people for dreaming big. I mean, where would the Academy Awards be if people didn’t dream really big?

Now it’s on the market again, a very, very hot market with the Queen of Contemporary listing brilliance, Becky Frey! Went on Friday, February 19 for $7,950,000. In other words, a hair under $8 million. So fresh are these photos, I had to wear hotpads to post them. A video with the owner’s music is coming up, so do stay tuned. Since its last tenure on the market, the home has been refreshed and revitalized with a new clean, crisp look. It is a superb family estate on 1.7 acres. Lionel Morrison says the home, 14,795 square feet,  a specimen of eco design and green fortification running on geo-thermal produced air, and could not be replaced today given higher land values and building costs in Dallas. He also says he employed a “concrete partition for exterior privacy, and a series of windows and vestibules allow for a wealth of natural light,” creating “a seamless and social experience thanks to recessed doors and a sliding panel that bridge interior entertaining areas with a central courtyard.” 

Oh yeah, Curbed calls it a salad-spinner house.  Whatever — what do they call Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga spin

So 6645 Northaven is now one of the best values in Dallas. Since we’re all grounded today, grab a hot toddy and curl up with the latest, greatest pics of one of the most incredible homes in Dallas.

6645 Northaven pool

You need to know the history behind this white, light-filled wonder. The owners are an Amy and Darren Kozelsky, he being a well-known Christian country music singer and she being an heiress, philanthropist and mom extraordinaire. The home went on the market in early 2011 for $11.5 million, listed with Lynette Scruggs of Dave Perry-Miller. The home was built on two acres in my lovely little enclave of Hillcrest Estates starting in about 2007, completed in 2009. The land had been owned by Beck and Peach Weathers, he of Mt. Everest mountain-climbing fame. And, I guess, Opera fame. We had some great parties in that home eons ago. 6645 was also owned by a family named Taylor before the Kozelsky’s purchased the property.

6645 Northaven is a true tribute to modern architecture, and feels quite mid-century on the interior. Sophisticated 1950′s, sleek. But also very warm, as I’m sure it is today. There are  natural concrete floors, warm wood on the stairs (Aframosia, imported from Canada) and also in the upstairs hallway. The kitchen counters are Pierre Brun white limestone; counters in the master bath are Balzaac Fleuri limestone imported from France. There are three bedrooms, a guest room, nanny’s suite, children’s playroom, a planning/wrapping room, office, media room, master bedroom with amazing closets, pull-out mirrors, and a cool decked-out basement music room which is where Darren does his music thing. He is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. 

The home sits on 1.7 acres on a commanding corner lot. You ave room for two or three tennis courts or a baseball field. The pool placement is perfect for a family because it gives kids the run of the expansive acreage without worrying about anyone falling in the pool. There is a spacious outdoor patio, living area, even a fire pit. Hillcrest Estate, if I may brag, is also one of the most secure neighborhoods in town because of the sophisticated and strong private neighborhood police patrol. (Warning: we don’t mess around here.) The patrol runs less than $1000 a year.

The home is virtually ceiling to floor windows, absorbing the natural treed beauty of the almost 2 acre lot. No draperies; auto window covers and six-foot tall walls outside the windows generate total privacy. Talk about detail, Morrison is the master of it:  all doors are tall and recessed so it appears there are no doors anywhere. The home is 14,000 square feet and faces the crystal blue pool/waterfall, one of the most breathtaking ever. Actually, it reminded me of the pools and waterfalls in Kukio, on Hawaii’s Big Island. The kitchen has a sub-kitchen and also a fireplace, very cozy. Come to think of it, this was one of the first homes built with a sub-kitchen in Dallas. Now they are everywhere!

6645 Northaven foyer stairs

6645 Northaven front door

6645 Northaven LR

6645 Northaven LR2

6645 Northaven family room

6045 Northaven breakfast

In March, 2011 the Kozelskys reduced this the most talked about home in Dallas to $9,750,000. Amy said she was testing the waters. $9 point anything would be a record for this ‘hood. As will $7. The last unreal sale that ripped us was when William “Kip” Tindell bought Caroline (Minnis) Summers $5.2 millionish sleek contemporary home on Northaven at West Ricks Circle in, oh, 2007. It’s a honey. Don’t care how far back, I will remind buyers of that every second should I ever market my home. Then we had the more recent sale of Susan Newell’s Art Home over at 11523 West Ricks. 7118 square feet of deliciousness that sold for $3.6 after having been listed for $4.1.

6645 Northaven bar

6645 Northaven kitchen

6645 Northaven master

6645 Northavaven master 2

6645 Northaven mater bath1

6645 Northaven master bath 2

6645 Northaven master closet

6645 Northavne upper landing

6645 Northaven office study

6645 Northaven game room

6645 Northaven media

6645 Northaven media 1

6645 Northaven kids

6645 Northaven guest

6645 Northaven pool 2

6645 Northavne fire pit

Of course, I hear an even more SPECtacular home is coming to market here in the not so distant future. And I am not talking about mine!

Then 6645 Northaven was listed with at $9,950,000 the Carroll/Eltis Group at ABA. Carroll is a native 6th generation Texan from Tyler who claims he can trace his ancestry back to the Republic of Texas! He lived in New York City for a year as a teenager, and while there enjoyed a brief acting career, appearing in television shows and movies. He was initiated into the exclusive Screen Actors Guild, of which he is still currently a member. He and his partner also had a Bentley when they were marketing this home. Not sure it helped? But… do stay tuned for more on this guy! And of course, more coming up on the most talked about house in Dallas!



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  1. Jon Anderson says

    1. I love it (although it does need Gaggenau ovens in the kitchen).

    2. Candy needs to buy this place as a crash-pad for her staff.

  2. allyson aynesworth says

    love that you mentioned that darren is a nice guy! i remember us all thinking how fun he was at celebrity waiter a few years ago, but it was at the st. jude’s dealio that he really won me over. seeing his generosity of spirit with those kiddos was glorious — what a good egg he is!

    also, i second jon on you buying it… i’ll split the closet with ya 🙂

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