Renters Rights: Renaissance Tenants Want to Know If They Will Be Reimbursed

Photo courtesy Zillow

Photo courtesy Zillow

A Reader Writes:


Do you have any information on renters rights at the Renaissance?  The garage is in lock-down mode and will likely be that way for months.  The building is saying they will give rent cars to those that can not access their cars.  What rights does the Texas Property Code give to renters in this instance.  There will obviously be a big settlement from the contractors insurance carrier which will go to the owners of the units but will never flow down to the tenants.  There is no where to park in this area.  Should tenants be required to pay full rent during this time of uncertainty?

Any thoughts you may have would be appreciated!

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  • Candy, please refer any renter or other questions around the property and the damage to please ask our management and board these hard questions. There is no break for owners in mortgage payments or HOA. This is day 3 and decisions are being worked out. Rental car agency company’s were on site last night for all units. Logistical decisions are being made for parking as everyone is aware there is not enough street parking in the area. As decisions are made they are being made public to the community, not just the owners. Really appreciate it!

  • The management and HOA Board were shown problems with the Renaisssance’s garage as far back as September of 2011, chunks of concrete falling from the ceiling, exposed rebar, etc. One or two owners reported that the ramped sections of the garage floors would actually sway up and down slightly when cars drove ove the speed bumps they installed, which would seem to put the most stress right where the ramped sections meet the flat ones (right where all the levels collapsed). At the end of 2013 owners reported large cracks suddenly forming in sheetrock walls and even a ceiling inside the B building. It may be premature to blame a contractor that showed up long after all that… Were these structural issues ever looked into, or would that have hurt condo sales ?