Sardone Construction Lead Carpenter Turns to Piratery with Backyard Playhouse

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pirate playhouse 3Playhouses are some of the tiniest examples of good building and design. For the lead carpenter of Sardone Construction, a backyard playhouse was an opportunity to make his house fit the needs of the whole family – toddler pirates included.

Bryan McLain was given the challenge to design a pirate ship playhouse for his son’s third birthday party. McClain turned his son’s imagination into a real-life pirating adventure, in just three days time.

McLain is known for his Dallas home renovation work, and attention to continuing to hone his craft. After the completion of the pirate ship playhouse, and the smiles of the tiny partygoers, he is planning to create more unique playhouses.

pirate playhouse 2pirate playhousePirate playhouse 4Once the handcrafted ship was ready to set sail in the McLain’s unchartered grassy backyard, three-year-old Captain Cohen’s mates clambered aboard and were ready to dance the hempen jig.

Outfitted in their best long clothes, all pirate partygoers hands were on deck, perusing the spacious ship in exploration of hidden treasure. From custom-made cannon holes and a handcrafted plank to the use of nautical ropes, the pirate playhouse allowed the toddlers to safely navigate the space. The kids’ attention quickly switched gears when they discovered two plastic, wavy slides – yellow and green in color.

This pirate-themed birthday celebration seems like a childhood fantasy, but this type of adventure easily transformed McLain’s backyard into a world of imagination and safe travels. He created his pirate ship playhouse with treated lumber and leftover construction materials.

McLain perhaps just started a pirate trend in the North Texas area, and on his ship, no one is walking the plank.




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