Autumn Staff Meeting Goes North to Talmadge Lane

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It’s that time again … time for our next Candy’s Dirt Staff Meeting. Next week, we’ll leave the high-rises behind to celebrate a 1.17 acre estate at 6626 Talmadge Lane being marketed by Tim Schutze of Allie Beth Allman for $6.95 million. I call it an estate because “home” and even “residence” don’t exactly cover fourteen-thousand-ish square feet built by premier Dallas builder Mark Molthan.


I toured the estate yesterday and have to say driving up, it’s definitely one of those estates you drive by wishing you had X-ray vision to see what’s on the inside. Luckily, Tim had the keys!

Upon entering eyes are drawn to the pool but also to the fact you're not on the ground floor

Upon entering eyes are drawn to the pool but also to the fact you’re not on the ground floor

Upon entering, you quickly realize something’s not quite right. You think you entered on the ground floor only to realize you’re really on the second floor of this home. How’s that? Well, the lot was heavily excavated from the front door to the back of the lot, dropping “ground level” to “under ground.” Pretty cool trick if you ask me.

The owners have a love of Italy which is evident in the use of traditional finishes from the imported plank and basket weave flooring to the upholstered walls on the upper ground floor. Of special interest is the dining room with its impressive coffered ceiling.

Dining Room

What initially looks like a normal dining room holds a few secret treasures. In a home this large, grabbing a fresh bottle of wine might require jogging shoes to get to a wine cellar. Not here. These smart owners craftily built their cellar in the dining room behind a hidden door.

Wine Cellar

The Secret Wine Lair

In another nod to dining as theater, there’s a full kitchen, but not the main kitchen, off the dining room as well. It can be closed off or by opening a few panels, it’s a great entertaining space for foodies. There are a few plusses to this. For some, it’s a way to keep kosher traditions alive.

Sleek Italian Kitchen off the Formal Dining Room

Sleek Italian Kitchen off the Formal Dining Room

For others wanting a chef’s table experience, guests are treated to the hustle and bustle of food preparation. I know when I visit Stephan Pyles, I enjoy sitting at the bar and watching the action in the kitchen. It’s especially fun when you ask for a substitution because you can watch the chef’s reaction to your request – is it viewed as desecration or understanding that not everyone likes asparagus? As a cook, how fun that I could still cook while being part of the action with my guests!


Also on this level is the traditional office/den space (more great wood floors). As a world traveler myself, I like the clocks telling me the time in all my favorite places. As a home worker, the window space is just what I need.

Plenty of pizazz here!

Plenty of pizazz here!

Rounding out this level is the 494-square-foot master suite. Measuring 19’ x 26’ it elicited an “oh!” when I rounded the corner. It’s got a huge set of windows leading to a patio overlooking the back yard. But bedrooms are just big rooms until we fill them with our personality … now the bathroom, that’s where there’s some pizazz! Oversized tile floors, standalone bathtub with a window view, plenty of counter space with two sinks. There’s a jumbo walk-in shower for less languid cleaning. And then there’s the closet…

Definition of a serious closet? Having a staircase!

Definition of a serious closet? Having a staircase!

Are two-story closets a “thing” now? I’ve seen a couple and I’m always grinning ear-to-ear. Perhaps because I’ve been challenged for closet space most of my life? I guess my brain loves seeing a closet I’d have to do some serious shopping to fill.

Dragging me out of away from the closet I head downstairs to the modern part of the home. If the upstairs is for formality, the downstairs is a modern, more casual family space.

Great Room

And this home was definitely a family home constructed with children in mind – hello! Eight bedrooms! Moving down from the main floor, you’re where the ground was excavated out … but no dank basement here. The double-height window-wall lights up the space to frame the outdoors as artwork. The area is modern design and open concept.

Main Kitchen

The main kitchen is found off the main living/family room and is what I’d call precision-chic. Clean lines and clutter-free is how I like a kitchen. I’m not one to have all manner of stuff laying around. I like vast expanses of workspace and light colors so I can tell when I’ve spilled something. Having had dark granite in my first kitchen remodel, I learned that on dark surfaces, clean required touch as well as sight.

The lower ground level also contains the remaining bedrooms, gym and servant’s quarters … with this much space and kids, live-in help is pretty handy! The bedrooms are as wonderful as you’d imagine. Remembering my first apartments, I quipped to Tim that I suspected the kids (now in college or out on their own) must get a rude awakening leaving this place!

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoors is an oasis with a pool, deck, tennis court and just enough grass. Me? I zeroed in on the outdoor kitchen! Great grill with an extraction hood (who tattled that there’s a lot of smoke when I grill?). There’s also a bathroom and changing area out here too.

Arial Pic 2

As always, I’ll leave you with a little secret or two. See that recessed box on the roof? That’s a small roof deck for viewing the Dallas city lights. It’s accessible via an elevator that connects with all the levels of the home. Pretty nifty, eh?

Secret two is that the home is heated and cooled using geothermal. That’s got to cut the electricity bills!

For those who RSVP’d in time, I’ll see you on the 21st. For those who weren’t quick enough on the “reply” trigger, we’re full-up. I hope these words and images sate your appetite. If not, I’ll be posting pictures after the event to rub it in … just a little. 🙂


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