Joe Atkins Opens the First Real Estate Office in Bishop Arts, His Second Shop

joe atkinsJoe Atkins is one of my favorite Realtors and Brokers in town. He’s a millennial with a capital M, a self-starter and one of the best marketers around. We cannot even write about most of his homes, they don’t last on the market that long!
Anyhow, I may be spilling the beans, but Joe is opening his SECOND real estate office and this one is in Bishop Arts.  It’s going to be the first real estate office in Bishop Arts and one of the few in North Oak Cliff. It’s going to be at 8th and Bishop, across the street from the famous Lucia. The space is under construction and won’t be open for biz until January — then PARTEE!

Ryan Hopson is Joe’s top Oak Cliff agent, who is such a community-minded guy he serves as Treasurer for the Bishop Arts Neighborhood Association (BANA). He also lives just a few blocks away from the new office. Ryan was apparently very helpful in securing the new space. With Ryan and Joe’s growing cadre of agents, Joe Atkins Realty is destined to help shape the future of Bishop Arts and North Oak Cliff.