Real Deals For Your Home Can Be Found at the State Fair of Texas

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State Fair Remodel - Small

The State Fair of Texas is upon us and it’s more than Fletcher’s Corny Dogs, Goodarts Peanut Patties and whatever’s being popped into the deep fryer this year (no surprise: there was no line for the 60-ticket lobster with champagne gravy). It’s also a place to shop for some home improvement.

But remember, this is a fairground, so don’t get carried away and forget to do your research. Sometimes there’s a deal to be had. Sometimes you waste $20 trying to toss that plastic ring on the bottle neck just to “win” a $3 garish stuffed animal. Don’t let the grease fumes distort your reasoning.

For those thinking about remodeling, one option is Statewide Remodeling who are offering 20 percent off. Started in 1994, the company is the largest remodelers in Texas with offices in Dallas, Plano, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio – and for the next little while, at Fair Park. They seem to do it all from exterior to kitchens, baths, windows and the like.

Jump for more deals to be had at the State Fair of Texas:

Andersen Window Small

For those needing better windows, Andersen Windows is giving free installation when ordering replacement windows. I wish it were this easy in a high-rise. With single-pane windows, I’d love some multi-pane replacements to cut down on the heat and block the UV radiation from fading everything. But for those of you ground-dwellers, this is something to think about. The cost savings from better windows will show up on your utility bills while making your home more livable and probably improving your curb appeal.

Granite Small

Time to ditch the tile or Formica countertops? Want an undermount sink? Stone is the way to go and there are several options at the Fair. Everything from granite to manufactured quartz. Check out DFW Stoneworks who’re showing a bunch of slabs in their booth. If you’re not great at visualizing, they’ll pop around to your house with 12×12 samples so you can see the stone in the room and next to the cabinets.

Hall of State Small

Speaking of renovations. No State Fair would be complete without a visit to the Hall of State, and in recent years there’s been scaffolding somewhere as they worked to restore the interiors. Well, this year it’s all gone and the hall is looking GREAT. The (I assume) gold leaf insignia is tremendous in size and gives off a “like new” glow. Really worth a stop by … oh and this year the exhibition is on the Texas music scene over the years. The Hall of State houses memorabilia from the early mid-century rock-and-roll years.

Hall of State Mural 2
Texas Hall of State Mural

Trivia: The giant murals in the Hall of State were painted by Eugene Savage for the 1936 Centennial Exposition. Two years later, the artist painted nine 4’x8’ Hawaiian-themes murals for the Matson Navigation Company that were to have been installed in their passenger ships. WWII scuttled those plans when the ships became troop carriers. The murals were eventually reproduced as menu covers for the ships after the war. Can you see artist’s hand in both?

Aloha --- the Universal Word
Aloha — the Universal Word

After you’ve renovated your kitchen, maybe it’s time for some new pots, pans, knives or other gadgets? There are any number of cooking demonstrations going on at the Fair. A perennial favorite are the Kitchen Craft displays seemingly around every corner. Kitchen Craft is manufactured by Americraft.

Cookware Small

Their hard-working demonstrators must be chopped out and hoarse from all their sauteéing, stirring and general kitchen acrobatics. Kitchen Craft’s claim to fame over other cookware is their ability to cook without water/oil (saving calories for dessert) and their “Made in West Bend, Wisconsin since 1906” history. While it took way too much digging, Kitchen Craft cookware is induction “capable.” A friend attending the Fair said he’d had a steamer from them that died. I asked how old it was … 35 years old. I’d say that was a good useful life.

Butter Small

It’s a good thing Kitchen Craft is greaseless cooking. That meant that there was more butter available for this year’s butter sculpture!

Bring your Tired Feet for a Dip
Bring your Tired Feet for a Dip

And finally, after visiting the State Fair, your feet may be tuckered out. There are those vibrating, massaging cocoon chairs that produce facial expressions otherwise seen in naughty films. And then there are the hot tubs! My “friends” kept trying to talk me into putting one on my balcony … you know, because no one would notice that being hauled up the elevator, not to mention the weight of all that water cantilevered out into the Dallas air. But for those on terra firma, a good hot tub and some wine is a great way to wind down from your 2015 Texas State Fair visit as you wait for the new kitchen, windows and cookware to be delivered!

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