Pierce Allman: Ebby Halliday Was A Role Model for Men as Well as Women

October 18, 2013 Pierce Allman is a journalist for WFAA television in Dallas, Texas who was standing across the street from the Texas School Book Depository, the building where Lee Harvey Oswald positioned himself for the assassination of president John F. Kennedy, on the day of the president's killing. Allman is believe to have encountered Oswald as he left the building after the shooting and was one of the first journalists to broadcast the story of the assassination from a phone inside the Book Depository. He is pictured here outside of the history Book Depository building, now the Dallas County Administration building. Photo: Kael Alford/Panos Pictures

Photo: Kael Alford/Panos Pictures

Ebby was one of a kind.  She was a role model for men as well as women.  She set an example and she set standards.  Her work ethic was matched by her compassion and commitment to the common good.  Her traits – which some might regard as old fashioned, even quaint – civility, integrity and patience – prove to be timeless marks of success.