Where’s The Best Place to Buy a House? Survey Says You Should Look to Texas and Collin County

Texas Unemployment and Housing over Time

Well, well, well … looks like Texas is more attractive than ever, thanks to it healthy employment rate and housing market. The Motley Fool notes that not only did Texas recover from the recession faster than most states, but it’s thriving at a more substantial clip than other metro areas. It beat Washington, North Carolina, and Colorado.

Buoyed by the oil and gas industry, Texas sailed a relatively smooth course through the financial crisis. A 2009 study by BusinessWeek put five Texas cities in the top 10 cities least effected by the recession in all of the U.S.

Today, the oil and gas industry is having some issues, but Texas remains a solid market in which to own a house. Home prices have proven strong through multiple economic cycles, and the Texas employment market remains strong.

Further, Austin, Texas, was ranked as the top local economy to raise a family in a study that considered the town’s growth, economic stability, and housing market.

But what areas in Texas are the best spots to buy? Believe it or not, it’s Collin County. Jump for more.

Best Place to buy a home

That’s right, Collin County’s most popular suburbs — Frisco, Allen, Plano, and McKinney — took four of the top seven spots in Wallet Hub’s list of this year’s healthiest housing markets. It’s worth noting that the Dallas County suburbs of Carrollton and Richardson made the list, too, and the city of Dallas has the fifth-highest home price appreciation, too.

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  • That’s good news great place to grow home equity. On the downside living in Collin County means spending a lot of time in the car and for most the N Dallas Tollway.

  • I highly recommend a book titled, “Next Stop: Relo-ville.” Gives you good insight as to how/why these suburbs sprang up and, as someone who just moved out of Collin County can attest, how they create a soulless, unrooted professional class of shallow conformity. It’s a good read!