Security Alert: MetroTex Warns of Sex Offender Targeting North Texas Realtors

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Tommie Hawkins is a registered sex offender.
Tommie Hawkins is a registered sex offender.

Heads up, Realtors. MetroTex Association of Realtors has issued a security alert for agents about a registered sex offender named Tommie Hawkins (pictured) posing as a buyer. If you’ve been in touch with this man, call the police ASAP. Stay safe out there, folks!

We have received multiple reports of activity related to a male requesting to see properties in the Colleyville, Grapevine, and Flower Mound area between $1 and $2 Million. He is able to provide proof of funds and claims to have buyer rep agreements with several agents.

He is a registered sex offender: Click Here for more information. This person has reportedly used various names as shown on the sex offender website.  Additionally, a police report has been filed with the Colleyville Police Department: Case# ISCP043332.

Please exercise caution. Contact with this person has led to conversation which deteriorates to an extremely inappropriate sexual nature.  While no one at this point has been physically harmed, there is reason to believe that could happen.

If you have had any contact with this person please contact law enforcement in the city of the occurrence.

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Joanna England

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  1. Peter Toner says

    This is the perfect case scenario for agents to adopt better screening before meeting. was built to address the safety concerns of real estate agents meeting strange clients.

    Agents use the app to send a text message to a prospect asking them to submit photos of their drivers license. We process those images to establish if the ID is valid or not, then run several other checks including a National sex offender list.

    An agents contacts are kept in the loop with showing appointments and there is a Safety Monitor that will send panic alerts with the name, address and DMV photo of the person they are with (big differentiator over other systems including Cuff).

  2. Albert Garcia says

    I showed this guy a few homes. He provided a proof of funds letter that seemed real. He really new the lingo. I’m sure he did this countless times.


  3. Albert Garcia says

    Update: I saw him at Best Buy. He saw me and quickly headed out the door. It’s super important to be safe and go with your gut. Even though I know how to protect myself, it was still potentially harmful. When I called the Colleyville police, they knew exactly who he was. I really think he isn’t done and will probably reappear at some point. Hopefully he won’t harm anyone.

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