Breaking: Jennifer Gates Will Motion to Delay Skybridge Decision Until November

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Here you can see what the proposed skybridge looks like at Preston Center Pavilion.
Here you can see what the proposed skybridge looks like at Preston Center Pavilion.

As you know, today the Dallas City Council was to discuss and vote on the proposed skybridge at Preston Center at 1:00 pm. I’ve just received word from Councilwoman Jennifer Gates that she plans to file a motion to delay the debate until November:

I would like to share with you the motion I plan to make regarding addendum items #36 and #40 (skybridge in Preston Center), so you may plan accordingly. Based on the public input I have received, I have determined that these items need to be delayed until November. I am hopeful that this time will allow us to address the issues related to the parking garage in Preston Center. This motion will be made at the public hearing scheduled for this afternoon. 

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Candy Evans

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  1. mmJon Anderson says

    Delaying is the oldest political trick in the book. What does a November stall gain? Absolutely nothing. Gates’ hand-picked Task Force will have nothing new to offer in the way of impact to the area. And given the financial shortfall in even funding the study, I wonder if it will have even started by November.

    November also seems an arbitrary date. I wonder if it’s intended to scare the grocery tenant to re-sign a lease across the street? At any rate, it’s the classic example of using stalling to attempt to starve it to death.

  2. Michael says

    I don’t understand. What is there to oppose here? The bridge would be a nice amenity for Preston Center. I know that most of the world has gone mad, but please don’t tell me that stupidity is running wild in Preston Center too. Can’t some retired politicians just crawl under a rock and stay there, where most of us sensible people want them to be?

  3. Matrixunloaded says

    Candy, I just ran across this article and the excellent earlier one on the history of Preston Center. These articles are three years old. With Gates’s handpicked task force and Tramell Crow buying the Marshall’s building, I wondered how long it would be before the business establishment powers starting mumbling about a bond issue to enhance private commercial properties.

    The smell is in the air. September 6, Gates and her “jolly band” will have an open meeting at St. Michaels to “discuss” the future of the city-owned Preston Center garage. The City apparently employs the Preston Garage Corp. to “maintain” the garage. I assume this corporation is for profit. I’m not sure many residents have any idea who are the beneficial owners of it or how much of the City’s tax revenue is paid to it.

    Of course, I assume that the replacement of the present garage with an underground one would be borne by Dallas taxpayers and not by the commercial entities that would benefit it. That would mean a bond issue (which means increased residential property taxes to pay the debt). After the continuing boondoggles like the Trinity River project which has gone from visions of sailboats to building a multi-lane thoroughfare on dirt levies, which concept has repeatedly been rejected by the Army Corps of Engineers as not sound), to the privatization of the fairgrounds to be paid for by tax revenue, to the closing of a downtown street for AT&T rather than requiring it to pay the going rate for the land, isn’t it time for real transparency on how much the residents are being taxed to subsidize commercial businesses.

    Just a thought. Nah, it will never happen here.

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