Snakes on the Plain, Thanks to All the Rain


It’s time to buy some Snake-Away, but I think I got the last jug at The Home depot — sorry. I haven’t seen any, but I’m sure they are out there in the tall grass. We have had baby snakes in our house in years past.

But Keller Williams agent Alyssa McKissack tells me she and her hubby, Brad McKissack, went for a run about a week ago in their neighborhood, “… we came around the corner & saw this monster Copperhead just chillin’, then we go over the bridge & look down to see a water moccasin, tonight’s run was done after that… ”

Rat snake

The snakes are out all over town, and I’m not talking real estate agents! The McKissacks live in far North Dallas. But a woman living near White Rock Lake recently took a live snake out of her house — the reptile was heading for her linen closet!  Experts say this monsoon rain has driven critters out of their usual hiding spots:

The mild spring weather, heavy rains and rising waters have driven snakes out into the open, sometimes into homes or sheds, much to the dismay of city dwellers.

“It’s a perfect storm,” said Bonnie Bradshaw, whose company, 911 Wildlife, has a contract with Dallas and other area municipalities to handle wildlife calls. “We’re getting hundreds of calls about snakes right now.”

The key is not to overreact, said the state’s top snake expert, herpetologist Andrew Gluesenkamp with the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Not over-react. I know, it is hard. Love all of God’s creatures, but a snake in the house requires a Xanax post removal. Alyssa said she and the hubster avoided that bridge route on their next walk. Maybe Snake-Away in baggies in your pocket?

And now, guess what? It’s raining again! Have you ever seen a snake while showing a house or looking at one? Does it freak out the buyer? Or do they say, “great, no rats in this yard!”

Water Moccasin snake

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