A Peek Inside One of the Most Phenomenal Homes in Dallas. That is, WEST Dallas

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The spiral staircase is the second most dramatic feature inside this Booziotis-designed home. The first would be the enormous windows that give you stunning views of the Trinity and downtown Dallas. (Photo: Jo England)

It’s no secret that civic leader extraordinaire Mary McDermott Cook has made her home in West Dallas, giving up a stunning spread on Strait Lane down the street from Ross and Margot Perot, Brint Ryan, and all the other Dallas glitterati who line that street.  The Dallas Morning News first spilled the beans in 2012. It was, indeed, the bluff above the Belmont Hotel where Mary built one of the most talked-about and architecturally significant homes in Dallas with the talent of architect Bill Booziotis and contractor John Sebastian.

We loved the wooden staircase, which has a steel spine and floats like a spring. (Photo: Jo England)
The planter at the center of the table on the screened balcony is an homage to the under-construction Margaret McDermott bridge. (Photo: Jo England)
The dining room, which is on the third floor, has panoramic views of Dallas. (Photo: Jo England)
Architects Patricia Magadini and Bruce Bernbaum with Candy
Architects Patricia Magadini and Bruce Bernbaum with Candy. Bernbaum and Magadini designed the third and final home on the Dallas Architecture Forum’s cocktail series, the Meaders Residence. You can buy tickets here.

This week, she let Dallas architects in for a sneak peak of the home, which you will probably see next in Architectural Digest. It was one of Dallas Architecture Forum’s 365 Modern Living receptions, and it was packed to the gills. The world found out about her lot acquisition in 2012, she built through 2013, moved in November 2014, and is enjoying the house tremendously, she said. It is an energy-efficient concrete home clad in limestone — walls, floors, even 17 inches of concrete on the roof. While not yet LEED-certified, she says her energy bills are 1/3rd of what they were in her previous home, which was only about 5,000 sq. ft., and the house was uniquely designed to catch the wind on her hill overlooking Dallas and, of course, the McDermott bridge. It’s so well-engineered she hasn’t even cranked on the AC yet in May. Except for when she lets in 100 architects, the house also has total privacy without one window covering.

Malone Cliff Residence - Dallas Texas
Third floor terrace and cantilevered dining room
Malone Cliff Residence - Dallas Texas
Third floor living room
Malone Cliff Residence - Dallas Texas
Second Floor Engtry
Malone Cliff Residence - Dallas Texas
A view of all three floors from the north exposure.

Malone Cliff Residence - Dallas Texas

A most gracious hostess, we tromped through the entire 7,675 square foot home from the lower level with it’s eternally cool office and a bedroom, to the main level with the entrance, master bedroom and bath (with outdoor shower!) and library. It’s the top floor that has the kitchen, breakfast and dining rooms, living room, and a magnificent screened dining room and balconies. The home is centered and visually anchored by a magnificent twirling open staircase with bamboo wood steps (I think that’s what she told us, this is from memory) that are perfectly spaced so that you can walk up them easily, even in heels. There are no shower stalls, walls or doors in any of the bathrooms — all open!

Of course, John Sebastian (with his daughter)  and Bill Booziotis were on hand to discuss the project.

Yes, that is Mary McDermott Cook giving Bill Booziotis bunny ears!
And here's a Mary McDermott Cook photobomb!
And here’s a Mary McDermott Cook photobomb!

Cook is a steady backer of Dallas and the Trinity River, nature, education, medicine and of course, art. Her discovery of Malone Cliff and presence in this area is helping values shoot up — already I am eyeing a home under construction by one of my home building dynamos Tom Greico ... just wait until we get inside that!




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  1. Tom Greico says

    I have been curious about the interior of the Cook house since we started our project on Malone Cliff View. It looks as cool on the inside as it does from the exterior.

    BTW: Thank you for the mention. The view of downtown Dallas from our rooftop sundeck is nothing short of amazing

    • Brian Humek says

      Hello Mr. Greico,

      I see this is an old article and you had started your Malone Cliff View project in 2015. Have you built additional Malone Cliff View homes?

      Thank you,
      Brian Humek

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