What’s So Great About All This Rain? Cedar Creek Lake is REALLY FULL!


So full, in fact, that lake authorities are actually — get this — draining off excess water. Can you feature it? The last few years boats were stuck, stowed, land-locked, because the lakes of North Texas just couldn’t keep them afloat. But that’s why you just have to be patient with Mother Nature in Texas. (She knows what she’s doing!) This may be the best time ever to buy that lake home, and The 505 Ranch Club on Cedar Creek Lake is only about an hour’s drive from Dallas. Development is really cooking out there, and the 505 Ranch Club is ready to help you have the most carefree summer weekends and vacations possible.

We have the whole story over on SecondShelters.com, where we will be bringing you more Texas lake stories. Meantime, recall the auction of that $15 million dollar Timber Creek Ranch at Lake Cypress Springs I told you about? The property sold on Monday… details about all of this and much more on our vacation home blog, SecondShelters.com


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